I am goth, but I don't look goth

Ask me not what that means, ’cause I have no idea either.

28th person, explain.


I’ve never actually had fun during teacher’s day in high school, except maybe after school when I hang out with the group.

Oh waitta minute. How was teacher’s day celebrated in Catholic High again?

See? Totally forgettable.

But yesterday was Taylor’s UC teacher’s day celebration, and boy was it fun!
(But I cannot say the same for the teachers. They looked very bored, and Mr. Yap left early.)

After the teachers left, G10 had their own fun –

Playing musical chairs!

Which I got kicked out pathetically early (hence being able to take that shot), but nevermind, success in life does not depend on whether you win in Musical Chairs.

Then there was that game where one person would run around trying to hit people with newspaper, but would always end up looking unintentionally lost and confused.

Which then led to this –

Kevin’s sexy dance.

Man, he has guts.

Had a whole lot of laugh-out-loud moments that day, like when Esther asked who starred in the Sixth Sense, the 28th person went, “Neh, that other man who looks like Tom Hanks.” It was Bruce Willis, actually.

Or when the 28th person tried as best as she could to open her eyes as wide as it would go, she ended up looking like she’s just very curious about something.

And before the day was over, a bunch of us managed to make a trip to MidValley for a meal at Sushi King. It’s amazing we haven’t gotten bored of it already.

* * * * *

The past week had been the most stressful than any other week of my life had been.

Yes, even worse than that wretched SPM period during high school.

Yours would be too, if your lecturer told you that what you’ve been doing for the past four months were wrong, and made you redo things in one week.

Worse still if it was your FINAL version of your report, that report which constitutes 30% of your SAM english marks.

I’ve been skipping breaks just so I could work on the report, and I’d go home at 6pm without eating anything the entire day.

There’s no time to breathe before we have to hand in our Biology final report, our chemistry report outline, and then right after, our midyear exams.

Everytime I start whining, my mom would ask, “So now you regret taking SAM?”

Let me very confidently tell you – no, I do not.

For reasons I cannot understand myself, I actually like writing reports.

And, slightly sadistic as it may sound, I actually like pushing myself to the limits like this.

There always seem to be a weird sense of accomplishment everytime I look back on a particularly stressful week/month.

Catch’a later, mah homies! Be sho’ y’all check back soon, yo!

(What is the Malaysian equivalent of ‘homies’ again? Macha?)

A little bit of – Fun.

This temporary post-exam freedom, this ultra-short after-exam-happiness, I cannot even begin to describe how sweet it feels!

But unfortunately, after having slaved over assignments and common tests and DI and Issue analysis over the past three weeks, three weeks of not watching television, not going online for more than an hour (unless it’s to find internet sources and information), when we’ve only just begun to revel in not having to go to sleep worrying over something or other, when we’re finally able to say “Yay! Exam over! Can sleep!”, we realize the cold, hard truth – the midyear exams are in three weeks’ time.

Reality bites.

But when the Physics paper was being handed in today, it felt so nice, yet so horrible at the same time.

Horrible, because it was the worst paper I (and a lot others, for that matter) have ever sat for.

Nice, because heck, WE CAN HAVE PROPER SLEEP NOW!


A bunch of us went out to celebrate the end-of-exams.

We paid RM21 to enter the indoor theme park in Times Square (“Oh man I feel so childish!”), got on a few rides, went on the ride that rotates 360 degrees clockwise, then stops in mid air, and rotates 360 degrees anti-clockwise, figured it was too much fun, convinced a friend who was too scared before to give it a try, went on the ride an extra two times (which makes 3 in total), and ended up making ourselves feel sick.

I found it so hilarious, we paid 21 bucks expecting fun, and ended up getting ourselves sick.

But truth be told, I had an amazing time.

We went for dinner, spent hours there chatting without knowing it, took the Monorail to the Crown Plaza to check something out, and by the time I got home, it was already 10.45 pm.

And I had school the next day.

Lately I’ve been making a lot of impulsive decisions after school to go out to this and that place, then coming home really late, and going to school tired the next day, homework undone.

But I’m having a whole lotta fun.

College isn’t as bad as I had dreaded it to be.

I couldn't believe it myself.

If there is a word that means ‘SO lucky, yet SO unlucky at the same time’, it’d be the best word to describe Paige right now.

Paige, my classmate who got two free Good Charlotte tickets, and was nice enough to give me one of them.

Paige, whom I was supposed to go to the concert with, and was supposed to stay over at my place right after.

Paige, who is one of the nicest person I’ve ever known, who’d walk home to bring you hand cream when you’ve got rashes, who’d get you traditional medicine for your cold, who’d always go to the campus main gate to get R.AGE for everyone, who used up at least RM10 of her credit trying to win tickets for me.

And during English today, she received a call, and there she was, talking away on the phone, completely undetected by Dr. Santha’s eagle eyes. (Lucky.)

She actually won the ultra-special-very-rare-once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to meet Good Charlotte backstage! Hah. Her first time entering a contest somemore.
(Uber lucky.)

But then she found out yesterday, that her friend from Miri (where she’s from) is leaving for Aussie, and here she is, caught in a dilemma worse than any other dilemma anyone could possibly be caught in.

To see her friend off, and to skip the concert and forgo meeting Good Charlotte in person, or just go to the darn concert and risk being a bad friend?

(Uber uber uber unlucky.)

“Aiya, go to the concert la! You can see your friend online what!”
“Eh yeah! You just bought a webcam? Use webcam la!”
Might as well go Youtube and watch Good Charlotte. Same thing.

So she’s decided to go send her friend off.

I admire her so much.

Going off to KLIA meant seeing her friend for 30 minutes max, then having transport problems in coming home somemore.

Option Two meant getting to meet a huge band in person, enjoying a concert, and having transport issues all solved.

I would’ve been so tempted to go for Option Two, y’know.

That is Paige, the girl who could (unintentionally) make you laugh just by blinking at you. Who’d surprise you with little things you thought no one could ever be aware of. She’s one of the funniest person I’ve known, the kind nobody could ever dislike.

Now instead of watching GC with her, I’d have to go with my sister and her friends. And her friend’s brother who’s there only to “pak to with his girlfriend“.


* * * * *

I wonder how the NOFX gig went last night.

It feels as though there’s always an exam just around the corner.

I thought we were family?

I am surprised.

My dad has been corresponding with my brother via email, and I’m surprised their exchanges were so darn formal.

“Hi Saik,

Further to our discussions this morning(KL time), I have had time to relook at the various options available one more time.

Considering the series of unforeseen obstacles that seem to creep up and also to avoid the possibilty (sic) of making a wrong decision in choice of colleges, it will be prudent to reconsider the merits of staying at BYU to finish your degree and then pursue your master’s at a reputable college (be it Chicago or Boston or anywhere else where sculpture has a strong faculty). The advantages of doing so are quite obvious: “

And then he lists out the advantages, in bullet form.

I remember sending a bunch of CNY photos over to my bro, and all that was in my email message was “Nah, photos. Ma asked me to send.”

Why all the formality and niceness? Redundant, I say!

But that is not the point.

I was reading it, thinking, Oh how nice my bro got accepted into Chicago, and then I read this

“Chooi Yen got 9 distinctions for her SPM (nothing much to shout about as so many students got 12 A’s).”

Urgh, how can I be proud of myself if my own parents say so matter-of-factly that it is nothing to shout about.

(Speaking of grades, I recieved my SAM semester 1 results in the mail today. Ironically, I fared best in Biology. I’ll show you, SPM-Bio-B4!)

In case you’re wondering why I’m reading what is supposed to be a Very Private Exchange Between Father and Son, my dad forwarded the mail to me, because he wants me to print out photos of my brother’s torn passport that my bro has sent to him.

Yes, passport with an entire page torn off.

Only someone like my brother could achieve.

(Or as my mom would like to believe, only Hainanese people could do. She’s always, always telling us, “Sap go hoi nam yan, gau goh ding. Yat goh mm ding zau fat san geng!”)

(Literally tanslated, “Ten Hainanese, nine eccentric. One not eccentric, then completely crazy!”)

(Something like that la.)

Burn them books!

40 people turned up at Manhattan Fish Market yesterday, and took up two looong stretches of tables.

20 people stayed for the movie, and took up two rows of seats.

It was our first class gathering, and everyone was lamenting that we should’ve done this earlier.

Like JoonMing said, we started acting like a class, only when we aren’t really a class anymore.


I found out that there are people who still love Malaysia, and are not trying to get out from it the first chance they have.

To a few of my classmates, Malaysia is home, and they’re like Jenny from the Pendidikan Moral paper – they’re coming home no matter what.

It’s nice to know their only gripe is the hot weather.

* * * * *

I’m announcing Daniel Craig as my favourite Bond actor!

You DO realize the only people who still think he’s no good, are the same people who have not watched the movie yet?

So he’s blond, big deal.

(Someone should’ve told me that when I was happily criticizing him for being blond prior to watching the film.)

I was told he had amazing abs.

I was dissappointed.

* * * * *

I am having a bad, bad, BAD case of the pre-trip jitters.

It happens everytime, one day before I leave for trips or camps.

Last week, I was anything but anxious, what with people randomly going, “Eh this time next week we’d have passed the immigration already!” or “What’d you think we’d be doing now?”

So we’re leaving tomorrow!

Seeing that we’re probably spending near a thousand ringgit on this, a mere ‘good trip’ just wouldn’t cut it – we need a GREAT trip!

My camera conked out during graduation when someone dropped it on the floor with a very sickening *insert sound of camera dropping 1.5 m to the floor*.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I brought it out for fixing just yesterday, and it couldn’t be fixed in time for tomorrow.

Sad lah, now I have to rely on other people’s camera.

A small bunch of friends, on foreign soil, without adult supervision (hey we’re almost adult ouselves), so why am I wishing I could just stay at home tomorrow?

* * * * *

I thought when the last paper was handed in, it’d be like going through a magical moment, angels would descend and start singing, birds would fly in and start chirping.

But nothing happend.

So SPM’s over!

(I’d hate to be SPM. People get all fustrated when you’re near, and start rejoicing like WHAT when you’re gone.)