Wizards and witches and brooms, Oh My!

Ahh, almost EVERYBODY is caught up in the Harry Potter hype. All of them are in a race to finish the book. I’m no longer a Harry Potter fan (the added few hundred pages are a BORE) but if I were, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to rush and finish the whole book within a week. I’d rather savour it for as long as I can. Take my own sweet time. Especially since the next Harry Potter book wouldn’t be out very soon. A year or two, maybe. But people literally are in a race to finish the book.

In fact, I have a friend who was threatened by another friend to read the book to a certain chapter by a certain time, or else that friend of hers would spoil her fun. By revealing the important parts of the plot! Hah, how evil can a person get?

Anyway, I was digging deep into one of our bookshelves the other day and found this really old print of Wind in the Willows. Gosh it’s good. Too unfortunate though – it doesn’t have illustrations. But its use of metaphors is amazing! Yeah it’s a children’s tale, but really, modern-day children’s stories like Harry Potter are nothing compared to it.

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