A dose of bad luck

Michelle’s birthday today. We didn’t want the usual sing-birthday-song – eat-cake routine, but couldn’t think of a different way to celebrate, so we decided on singing a couple of Michelle’s favourite songs to spice things up.

And her favourite song happen to be This I Swear by Nick Lache.

No one knew how to sing it, so we agreed upon me transfering the song into my cellphone, and them learning to sing it after school. But who would’ve thought, bad luck had a little ambush in store for us.

Surprise spot-checks! Darned prefects.

I’ve been really careful not to bring my phone to school for the past week or so, but today I decided to make an exception. It was Michelle’s birthday, dammit! I even brought the stereo earphones. So we could listen to the song better. Keep in mind that I’ve never brought that thing to school before. Urgh, of all days, why today?

And so, both of them got confiscated. Geramnya. Even the box of matches I brought (for lighting the candles on the cake) weren’t excepted. What, they think I’m going to burn the school down or something lah? And what’s a birthday without the customary blowing of the candles?

Again, say it together now – Darned prefects!

I’m probably going to get my phone back after a month or so, but as for the earphones, guess it’s a permanent goodbye. It may not be expensive, but I’m extremely short of cash right now. Oh yeah. Correction fluid. See, almost nobody else bothers to bring it, they use mine when they need it, and now that it’s gone I’m the one who’s suffering the loss. Eek.

Funny though. People think I’m that traumatized. Just because my stuff got confiscated by prefects, does NOT mean it traumatizes me that much. One guy came and asked, “Eh, you okay or not?” like I was about to break down any minute. A girl went, “It’s okay girl, it’s just a phone you’re gonna get it back anyway..” Another repeatedly asked me not to worry so much. “Don’t worry lah, I can see you so worried…” No no no I’m fine. Worse still, my friend from a DIFFERENT CLASS said she heard that Lei and I went to the Red Cross room and cried. Lei was sick, so it wouldn’t be such a surprise if she cried, but ME, cry over a phone? Nah-uh. Besides, I didn’t have to run all the way to the Red Cross room to cry, did I? I’m fine.

In fact, an hour later I was back to grinning widely and having laughing cramps. Not hard to do when Fui’s around!

Still, the day ended on a happy note. Birthday celebration after school. We went ahead and sang This I Swear, eventhough none of us knew how to sing it. Spontaneous singing never sounded this bad! Some were singing fast, some slow, some sang high and some sang low. It was that bad. I could tell Michelle was touched though. It was then followed by our very own rendition of Truly Madly Deeply, another one of Midge’s favourite. That wasn’t so bad. Lastly, the birthday song.

By the time we finished singing, the candles had almost finished burning. In fact, two of them had already melted into puddles on the cake.

Fed, full and contented. And then we went home.

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