Vertically challenged – not a crime!

I’m probably not very tall. In fact, being only 5’3”, I guess I’m somewhat vertically challenged. My friends even call me Shorty. Shorty Lim. I’ve tried pointing out to them that I’m so not the shortest one in the group (what happened to Zihui huh?) but their excuse? That ‘Shorty’ suits me too well to be used on other people.

So I live with it. And they’ve been calling me that ever since. They even do it in large crowds. I could still remember sometime last year, we were on this sort of roller coaster ride in an amusement park. And instead of screaming the way other people do, they were going “Shorteeeeee! SHORTEEEE!!” Surprisingly, it wasn’t as embarrassing as I thought it’d be.

I’ve probably gotten too used to that nickname that I don’t realize it when they use it. So here’s something which happened a week ago that I didn’t notice until now.

Zihui and I were at Sunway Pyramid. The mall? Zihui’s phone was at home. Her mom wanted to contact her. So she dialed my cellphone number. Guess what she called me? “Eh, Shorty arh, Zihui leh?” I wouldn’t mind if my friends called me Shorty, but my friend’s mom?! And I didn’t even realize it until much, MUCH later.

Zihui had weird names for everybody on her phonebook. I was Shorty (that explains why her mom called me that). Ling was ‘SaPo’ (crazy woman). Funny ones were Jin (‘Down Syndrome Kid’) and Ivan (‘Olay Spokesperson’). Then there were weird ones like ‘Monkey’ and ‘MiaoMiao’.

It’ll all be very amusing, until one day when she forgets who is who. Now that, I’d like to see!

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