6 reasons why

Six reasons why I absolutely LOVE these people: #1. We know we’ve got support, ALWAYS. We know someone’s always below, keeping us from sinking. Something like that. You’ve got my back, I’ve got yours. #2. They let me be King during our war games.It doesn’t matter that even my own subjects (StupidLing being one of […]


Being ChooiYen who doesn’t have parties to go to every weekend and social events to attend to every other day, I NEED something to keep myself busy with. December’s all taken care off, I have oodles of stuff planned, I wouldn’t have to stay home and rot in my room (I couldn’t even if I […]

Having your parents read your diary is the most WRONG thing, ever!

I did probably THE most stupid thing as compared to the other stuid things I’ve done the whole of this year. I was in school, and I asked my dad to bring me my cellphone when he comes in the afternoon. After the break in few months ago whereby my then somewhat brand new digital […]

Attitude adjustment

” 当我和世界不一样那就让我不一样逆风的方向更适合飞翔我不怕千万人阻挡只怕自己投降 “ Haha, Ling sent me the lyrics to one of Mayday’s songs through SMS, and now it’s one of my favoutite (and often repeated) phrases. Few days ago, someone asked me why I always do not ‘give face’ to people. Like when someone says something they think is funny but really isn’t, I […]

Dolls galore!

I’ve always liked browsing doll sites. Not manufactured dolls though. These dolls are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Strange Dolls has got to be one of my favourites doll sites EVER. Come to think of it, it’s probably the first ever site I’ve visited that features somber dolls. Really now, the first people to ever make dolls […]