Double shivers.

I finally read the Sunday Times today, because I didn’t quite get to read it yesterday.

And I finally read about the tsunami prediction.

I am thoroughly annoyed! Why am I the only one who finds this a huge deal?

My family obviously thinks it’s nothing much to worry about, because none of them happened to bring it up yesterday when all of them had been hogging that paper!

And when I finally brought it up, you know what my mom said?

“Yealah, do renovation also wasted now.”

My mom the comedian.

I mean, what the Fish, we’re probably not going to be able to reach middle age, or even adulthood now.

That Thai meteorologist guy DID say it could happen in a year’s time. He DID say if it moves north, Malaysia would be hit by the primary wave. He DID say it would cause “a lot of damage”. And coming from the guy who predicted last year’s tsunami back in 1998, he’s most probably right about this prediction.

From what had been printed on the papers, if the tsunami really was about to happen, we would be given warning through news and SMS an hour before it hits shores.

Really, what can we do in an hour? Seeing how my family is taking this with a worryingly lack of concern, if they were to recieve that SMS, they would probably move to their “newly renovated” family hall and enjoy their last hour on earth. But hey, at least we’re enjoying the last hour of our lives, as a family.

I know we shouldn’t be loosing too much sleep over this. I probably sound like I worry too much. But you probably haven’t had things put into perspective yet.

That wave could hit us ANYTIME. It very well could be two years from now. But it could also very well be next year.

And when it hits, it could be a HUGE wave that caused all that destruction and claimed all that lives last year.

And it’s probably going to hit right smack into where we live! Right here!

My mom finally did kind of suggested we deviced an effective stay-alive plan we cold carry out if we really were to get that warning. Suggested, not really come up with.

Gawd, I don’t want to be a number in the death tolls. I want to die from old age!

I am a little bit paranoid. Soorry!

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