Merry Christmas, (insert-your-name)!

Good food. Good company. Merry Christmas (everybody)!
Since everybody is doing this, and since I haven’t gotten a few things that I wanted, and since I don’t have money to buy them myself…
Well, here it is. My wishlist.
Item #1
– White tiger soft toy found at ToysR’Us.
Item #2
– Nine Inch Nail’s “With Teeth” album.
Items #3 and 4
Nightmare Before Christmas DVD. The LOTR trilogy DVDs.
Item #6
– Book. “The Long Hard Road Out of Hell” by Marilyn Manson.

Item #7
– New set of acrylic paints

I don’t have to do this you know. And I woudn’t have, if I had the money to buy them myself. So if you happen to have extra cash you’ve got nowhere to stash, or if you got them for Christmas but have no interest in them.. you know what to do lah.

Seriously, I would be more than just grateful. I would go to the extremes of worshipping you. Really.

But since Christmas isn’t about receiving as much as it is about giving, tell me what you want and I (might) give it to you!

But only if you give me something in return.

(Hey, nothing in life comes free!)

If you think you’re Santa, and you actually like going through the whole rigmarole of making a list, checking it twice and finding out who’s naughty and nice, then okay, I’ll give you reasons as to why I’ve been nice this whole year.

FIRST, I studied for my exams.
Good kids should study hard, and study hard I did during the school exams. At least, I studied reasonably hard. At night. Couple of days before examination day.

SECOND, I didn’t cheat during exams.
Good kids should never cheat. The fact that I tried to see the answers from the person beside me should be overlooked. Because that person happened to be EuJoe, and he needed help himself. Important thing is, I didn’t cheat, regardless of whether I attempted to or not.

THIRD, I didn’t copy quite as much homework.
Good kids shouldn’t copy from other people what they should have done themselves. The fact that I didn’t quite “do it myself” should also be overlooked. Just as long as I didn’t copy.

FOURTH, I kept my room clean.
There’s still chaos, but that’s organized chaos. There’s a difference.

FIFTH, I didn’t steal anything from anybody.
In fact, I’ve never stole before, period. Extra points for me!

SIXTH, I didn’t curse in front of any teacher.
Considering the fact that I tend to accidentally do that previous years, this year is an achievement. (By the way, keyword here is “accidentally”. Like, for example, I was framed.)

SEVENTH, I haven’t cam-whored.. yet.
I’m not saying camwhoring is bad. I’m just saying you shouldn’t get a Christmas gift if you camwhore. Hahah! (Kidding!)
Okay so I am an occasional camwhore myself. But at least I don’t post my camwhoring moments on the web. People tend to find it disturbing when I do that. Heh.

EIGHTH, I have exercised extreme pateince with my sister.
With the fact that she is a complete BRAT taken into consideration, I congratulate myself for being able to stand staying with her in the same four walls. Oh, of course, I didn’t strangle her. Yet.

NINTH, I hadn’t complained when I didn’t get my Dwarf Rights.
I didn’t say anything when KerLei and I (who both happen to be shorter than average) were put at the LAST ROW in class. We were the only girls in the last row. Instead of complaining, I looked at the bright(er) side. At least my neck got a reasonable amount of stretching exercise. But really, short people should have their rights, you know. It should be made a law.

I would write you a tenth reason on why I have been good and deserve a present, but I can’t think of one. So let’s pretend there’s already a tenth on the list.

Now go exercise that put-hand-in-wallet-take-out-money-give-cashier procession!

Go! Go! Shoo!

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