Christmas cheer. Go on, spread it!

Gosh. I just realized something.

I’ve made a huge promise a few months back, and I have yet to fulfill it. And it makes me feel bad.

I promised Mary Josephine I’d visit her. And I promised her I’ll get her a cross and rosaries when I do, because she had been feeling especially down and was asking me for it.

And she promsed she would pray for me.

I feel bad because I had somehow promised her I’ll come to see her every month. I didn’t quite keep that promise.

What’s making it worse is, she did say our visits were what stops her from “jumping into the river”. *hint hint nudge nudge*

Eh you guys, get your butt off the couch and do something selfless this holiday!

Gah! I really have GOT to go soon!

Maybe we can go around Christmas. That would probably cheer them up.

You know who I wish would come visit me this Christmas?

My bro.

Speaking over the phone just isn’t the same. What’s Christmas without the guy who told you the true meaning of Christmas?

I so miss him.

Well anyway, once again, Merry Christmas, all!

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