Puzzle pieces

Okay, okay. This was one post I had written more than a month ago, but figured it was too eww to publish. But now I’ve decided that if I were to let a little bit of eww-ness stop me from doing something, I would probably be a failure by the time I grow up. So here it is. Don’t gag.


I was channel surfing a couple of hours ago, and came across that Westlife’s rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’. I know that song a lot of people like la, but I’ve never really paid much attention to it.
Until just now.

“You raise me up, to more than I can be.”

My gawd how that line got to me.

Then I came online, and saw that post on that blog of that friend of mine. Which I read and teared up over.
There was one teeny tiny line that almost floored me.

“But it never seemed to have that kinda bond the 8 of us shared.”
(Haha, that‘s not copyrighted, is it?)

I admit. People get jealous once in a while. Envy is one seventh of the seven deadly sins. But friends get jealous, you know? Friends never want to see friends go away like that, with a whole other bunch of people. Friends want friends to have a good life, to get to know as many people in the world as they possibly can, no doubt about that, but friends are selfish too, sometimes =)

This reminded me of an essay some person wrote. I don’t usually remember random essays of other people, in fact I don’t even remember essays that I wrote, but this one, for some reason, stuck to me.

It was an essay on friends and friendship. I’ve never seen anyone describe friendship like that, but it made a lot of sense when you think about it.

Friends are like jigsaw puzzles. The bits and pieces are put together, and the outcome, a beautiful picture. Like friends. Each individual eventually make up who and what you are right now. And with the absence of even just ONE individual, well, you’re left with that blank in your puzzle. It probably would never be complete then. And really, how beautiful can your puzzle be when important pieces are missing?

Anyway, back to Josh Groban’s Westlife’s song.

“You raise me up, to more that I can be.” That line really means something, doesn’t it?

‘Cause really, how many times have you felt extremely shitty, because you didn’t think you were good enough for anything, because you felt like an utter failure, because nobody seemed to pay much attention to you?

I have, more than just once.

And how many times have your friends been there for you, and eventhough the things they say seem a bit silly, and you know some of them aren’t even half true, they somehow still seem to make you feel good about yourself once more.

I remember feeling extremely humiliated and unimportant just downright shitty about myself a few months back, and a friend of mine dropped what she was doing right away and stayed with me. By the end of the hour, I felt like I could take on anything again. I had a want of proving what I was worth.

If it weren’t for her, I probably would have continued being a sorry ass wallowing in self pity, and the entire situation would have been worse.

And how many times have your friends helped you realize your true potential? If it weren’t for them you probably wouldn’t have the guts to do half the things you’re doing now.

Indeed, friends do raise you up to more than you can ever be.

I’ve got to say, my puzzle has been beautiful so far. And I’d thank a few special pieces for not going missing!

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