I love my posters, and they love me too

I had a tiny argument with my mom because she threw away my Linkin Park poster. Sad, huh?

I have kind of said that my mom throws things away compulsively, haven’t I? Well she’s done it again. With her reason being that the posters were dirty.

Sigh. She could have wiped the dirt off. She didn’t have to throw them away. Or, she could have told ME about it, and I’d wipe the dirt off myself.

Whatever. She just didn’t have to throw them away.

Anything that stays with me for a year, chances are it’d have sentimental value to me. I’ve had almost 40 posters on my wall since years ago, and now she’s gone and threw every single one away! I wouldn’t really have minded that much if it hadn’t included two of my LARGEST, NICEST, BEST QUALITY Linkin Park posters!

They really mean a lot to me. Just like the Backstreet Boys, Linkin Park is another band that has stuck with me when I was younger, and I’d always listen to their albums if I happen to be going through a bad patch, because listening to them was comforting.

Besides, one of them had been bought when I went to that LP concert two years ago. Best night I’ve ever had, I’d say. I could well be on drugs, because I was so HIGH! I was literally stepping on everyone’s shoes!

Gah. I just wished my mom would ASK before she throws my things away. She’s done it a whole lot of times before, not asking and all.

Well, bye-bye big beautiful LP poster!

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