Everybody, panic!

I’m pretty much screwed right now.

For one thing, I haven’t gotten my textbooks from my cousin, I haven’t bought school exercise books, my room is still in a complete mess and SO not the environment for conducive SPM studying, I haven’t gotten the shelves cleared of my Form 4 books, and I didn’t study a THING this entire holiday.

I would be away next week, which pretty much means I’ve got until this Sunday to finish my pre-Jan 3rd preparations.

Die lah, school reopen only buy exercise books meh?

Gah. Whatever. I’ll leave whatever school related worries until after Jan 3rd. Right now I’ll just squeeze as much fun as I possibly can out of the remaining week.

If worst comes to worst, I’ll just have to nick exercise books off people. At least until I get my own supply.

To be frank though, I’m not too keen on going back to school. One thing that always kept me excited come the beginning of January is guessing ‘what class I’ll be in’ and ‘who do I get to be in the same class with’.

It’s kind of stupid, but last couple of years ZiHui and I would have bets on which ones of us would be in which class, and with whom. And the stakes would always be packets of RM1 french fries from the school canteen. It’s stupid because one year, beginning of Form 3 I think, both of us had the same amount of correct guesses, so I had to buy her the same amount of packets she had to buy me. We canceled each other off, so basically I was spending money on packets of french fries for myself.

This time, the excitement’s completely gone. Next year would be exactly like Form 4, only we’ll be fifth formers instead.

As I’m blogging this, it’s 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve.

And you know what the sad thing is?

We don’t even have our Christmas tree up yet. Everyone’s just so busy with the house and all (and by ‘everyone’ I really mean my mom and dad).

The only thing in this house that suggests Christmas is here is that mistletoe thingie on both my sister’s and my bedroom doors.

Big sigh.

Well, Happy Holidays everybody! (Because ‘Merry Christmas’ is just SO offensive!)

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