I had a few questions since early this year. I hadn’t quite gotten the answers, until now.

Well, whatever.


I found out a certain person I know is… homosexual.

Now, I’ve known this person for a very, VERY long time, and to find out something like that right now is, well, totally unexpected, if not a little shocking.

I have nothing against homosexuals. In fact, I find those who’ve come out of the closet really courageous, and I salute them.

You know how there’s this news going on about legal gay marriages? Some people probably find that outrageous. And I’m sure most of you would be the ones who go, what the heck, it’s their life, whatever their sexual orientation, their business la, why should anyone else object to how they live their life?

I was like that. But when someone you know reveals him/herself as homosexual, you still feel that bit of shock.

What more if that person is family.

Or if who you thought was that person’s ‘best friend’ all the while happens to really be his/her ‘guy/girl friend’.

(But let’s face it. At one point or another, all of us had wondered if we were homosexual or not.)

Well. I got to meet that certain person’s partner today. He was really anxious when he brought his partner in, that was very obvious.

Everyone was chatting, and both of them were sitting together. Then something kind of hit me.

You know how so-not-easy it is for you to like a guy (assuming you’e a girl) and have the guy to happen to like you too? Not every guy you like would return that same affection back to you, that is a fact. But if you were homosexual, wouldn’t it be so so much harder?

Considering the fact that there aren’t too many homosexuals around, to find one that you can identify so much with, and to have that person like you also, is probably not too easy. You’re so much more lucky than all the other heterosexual couples around.

So, to you-who-I’m-talking-about, I wish you the best. I just wished you’d told me earlier. So this wouldn’t be so much of a surprise to me.

All the times you’ve asked me to “go pak tuo”, and I rubber-glue-ed that back to you, and wondered when would YOU start dating, I seriously had NO idea. I had no idea you found your one.

But I’m glad people are mostly acceptive of this, and again, I wish only the utmost best for you.

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