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Hey, have you guys noticed that new link I’ve added?

Yeah, the one to Chuan Ling’s blog.

Adding new links isn’t such a big deal to me, unless they are links to sites like Chuan Ling’s. You guys have got to check it out.

If her old blog-city is an indication of how her new Blogger will be, it will be full of shit. But they are all FUNNY shit.

And if there’s one thing I admire about her blogging, it is the fact that she blogs however and whatever she wants to. But that makes her posts LAME. That is also why none of her sentences are longer than 5 words. Because Chuan Ling is weird like that.

See, both Chuan Ling and Zi Hui are extremely proficient in mandarin, but spot the difference between both their blogs. One blogs about deep, tear-wrenching stuff in mandarin; the other blogs about, well, uber crap, in mandarin.

But both, you really gotta read. ‘Cause they’re both very nice.

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