A bit of today

My night was spent saving photos into Pn. Tan’s notebook for the slideshow tomorrow. And I was browsing through some of our photos, and I realize, DARN my friends are unfair!

I came accross a few photos, which I remember prior to taking the photo, all of us agreed to “act kawaii” or “lan yeng”, until very ugly. So Chuan Ling and I memang go and act kawaii and lan yeng.

Problem is, only both of us posed like that. All the others leh, when say wanna purposely act ugly, they say okay, then.. their pictures all come out also sweet sweet smiles wan.

Especially the ones taken in Kim Chew’s place.

I would post them up here, but Chuan Ling and I really look very stupid. I don’t wanna throw my own face. But the others, all look very nice.

See what I mean?

Anyway, we did that Program Maju Diri thing at the Lecture Hall today. And I discovered a new job that sounds interesting.

A librettist. A person who writes a libretto. Which is “the text of a dramatic musical work, such as an opera or musical”.

But then again, a close friend of mine would be quick to remind me that it doesn’t pay much. Yeah, you don’t get a lot of money from it.

Or as my mom so aptly put it, “Just enough to own a Proton Saga. Not Mercedes Benz.”

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