O Great Oracle

So, in an attempt to waste more of my time this afternoon (yeah, ’cause I never seem to do that enough), I dwelled in this great activity called Foreseeing with the Oracle. It is basically putting your music player on shuffle mode, ask your question out loud (with great respect and reverence, of course), and […]

I’ve got nothing to talk about, so I’ll just talk about cereals.

With cereal being my favourite kind of breakfast ever, and with cereal being my most common form of breakfast, the varieties I’ve tasted is really pretty limited. I’ve always stuck dead to KoKoKrunch and that Milo ball puffs thing. Always. So then, I was doing grocery shopping with my mom last night, and we came […]


So lately, it seems like someone is out to squeeze every bit of joy out from people. Having too much fun? Here comes Ms. KillJoy. Happy with yourself? Ms. KillJoy is here to make you feel like shit. Something pleasant has happened to you? Ms. KillJoy will take it all away from you. Please. If […]