So lately, it seems like someone is out to squeeze every bit of joy out from people.

Having too much fun? Here comes Ms. KillJoy.

Happy with yourself? Ms. KillJoy is here to make you feel like shit.

Something pleasant has happened to you? Ms. KillJoy will take it all away from you.

Please. If someone is happy/perfectly-contented/sees-no-reason-to-sulk, then leave them be. If you have to be negative about everything, then go away and take all that euurgh-ness away with you. No one wants all that negativity around.

Not welcomed. No one invited you anyway.

* * * * *

If I could change the world, I would make it a law that whoever mentions the phrase “Life Sucks” or “I Hate Life”, shall be sent to, not jail, but a HappyHouse. (I’ll think of a better name if I do get to change the world one day.)

HappyHouse – where they will be forced to listen to happy tunes and talk happy talk and live within bright orange-washed walls and sleep on soft, comfy beds (lack of sleep results in grouchiness) and maybe, they will even eat McDonald’s HappyMeal for lunches.

What I absolutely cannot stand are the people who go “Awww My Life Sucks” then proceed to go and tell the world about their new iPod, or what new clothes and accessories (BAH the spelling) they have. If you’re like that, I have three things for you:-

1. Grow up. Please.


2. If your life sucks, then feel free to switch lives with anybody who is now sleeping on dirt floors, hungry from not having dinner, and wondering what tomorrow will bring them.


3. Kill yourself.

Feel free to choose one.

[If you’re going through a bad patch, then say you’re going through a bad patch. Don’t say Life SuxXx.]

* * * * *

I have been having very, very bad dreams lately.

For the last few nights, I have been getting minimal hours of sleep, because I would wake up every few minutes. From having a bad dream.

The dreams get so bad a couple of times that halfway into the night I had to turn on the lights, because the dark is so completely scary.

Most of the dreams were scary because, well, bad things were happening.

A few dreams, however, were nail-bitingly scream-worthy because they were happening in my own room, and they were VERY real. I would wake up, and my bed would be pointing a totally different direction altogether, like it was moved in my sleep. Then I would wake up again, and it felt like needles piercing me, and my movemenst were so restricted I couldn’t get up. And I heard my sister’s spine-chilling scream from the other room, but couldn’t get to her ’cause I was pinned down by the needles. Or I would wake up, and it felt like there was something else in the room, looming over me, only I couldn’t see it ’cause it was dark.

Then I would wake up again, and I wouldn’t know if this was still a dream or not, and the only way I could tell was to wait for something creepy/weird/freaky to happen. So yeah, that meant lying there, eyes wide open, wondering if you’re awake, waiting in the dark. Waiting for something to happen. And I daren’t move, ’cause, what if something DOES happen?

One time I woke up, and a baby was crying. In my room. That was almost the freakiest of all dreams. There is something about babies crying in the middle of the night when all is still that freaks me out.

The few times I woke up, and was completely sure that I was fully awake, I’d get right up and turn the lights on.

I’m not kidding when I say it is very, very, very scary. Even more so when you can’t tell your dreams from reality.

OhMyGoodnessMe what is wrong. Something must be causing those deams. It’s freaking me out.

* * * * *

I am very happy that I am starting to understand add maths a lot better now, and I actually kind of enjoy it.

But sad to say, it is modern maths now that has me bored out of my mind. I just tend to space out during lessons, and have trouble when it comes to doing the exercises.

With the good, comes the bad. And vice versa.


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