I’ve got nothing to talk about, so I’ll just talk about cereals.

With cereal being my favourite kind of breakfast ever, and with cereal being my most common form of breakfast, the varieties I’ve tasted is really pretty limited.

I’ve always stuck dead to KoKoKrunch and that Milo ball puffs thing. Always.

So then, I was doing grocery shopping with my mom last night, and we came to the cereal aisle. There was this father, and this mother, and their around-five son.

The kid reached for KoKoKrunch. The father, very sternly, said,” No! No KoKoKrunch! Have plain cornflakes, duwan cocoa.”

WAAH. Five-year-old, cannot have cocoa flavoured cereal? And here I was, all 17-years of me, grabbing two boxes of KoKoKrunch.

So my mom and I kind of looked at each other, and we decided that it is about time I had a healthier alternative. (Whoever said cocoa cereal with milk wasn’t healthy breakfast food anyway. And yummy, too.)

I do love oats, which is Healthy breakfast food, but I get pretty lazy when it comes to actually cooking it. Instant oats just doesn’t do it for me.

So for the first time ever, I bought a box of ‘Fitness Low-Fat Whole-Wheat Breakfast Cereal’. It is so healthy, it is “made from Wheat”, not “Corn”. (Again, whoever said corn wasn’t healthy?!)

From past experience, when my mom bought home “healthy adult breakfast”, like all that disgusting muesli stuff, we have learnt that when I don’t like a certain something for breakfast, I will NOT touch it for the second time, and will only leave it there to rot.

So we only bought a small box of that Fitness Low-Fat Whole-Wheat whatever. And surprisingly, it tastes.. good. It’s not as good as KoKoKrunch or Milo ball puff thing mind you, but still pleasant enough for me to continue eating it every morning.

And at least, I don’t have to say I had “KoKoKrunch” for breakfast. Or “Milo ball puff thing”. ‘Cause they sound so childish.

(Amazingly, after years and years of consuming it, I realize I still don’t know what “Milo ball puff thing” is really called.)

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