Of stoners and spirits. Or not.

‘Twas a boring Saturday, a Saturday like all other Saturdays, only thing is it was a Saturday sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Chooiyen was enjoying her new CD, when she spotted this photo album she got at the RM5 shop a while ago. She started flipping through it, yeah, looked through the photos taken two years ago with her old film camera.

And she came across this photo, one which she has always thought came out quite nice.

It may not look like it, but it’s actually a very candid shot. Heck, I wasn’t even conscious of their, um, poses. It was a spontaneous snapshot.

Chooiyen thinks they could look like a couple of things, e.g:

1. Doing a photoshoot for an album cover, preferably a boyband album

2. Completely stoned. (Y’know, stoners hiding in an abondon building and all. Check out that old headboard!)

3. So very yeng!

Chooiyen thinks it’s number 3. She really likes it a lot!
(Why am I only the photographer, and not in it?!)

* * * * *

We were talking about ghosts and spirits over lunch (we being my mom, my sister and I). My aunt died of cancer last April, and my mom said that the period after my aunt died and before the day of cremation, my mom kept getting this hospital smell in our house, especially in the masterbedroom.

My uncles and other aunts kept getting the same smell, too. It wasn’t until my aunt was cremated that the smell finally went away. My relatives think that it was my aunt, visiting them for the last few times, before finally truly ‘leaving’.

But then I found out something pretty disturbing.

Apparently, I saw spirits when I was younger.

I was really young then. My mom came back one night, and I told her that when I was doing my homework some time in the evening, a man came over and looked at me. Then he started looking through my homework. Apparently, I told her I couldn’t really see who it was, but could tell it was a man. But there wasn’t any man at our house then, only my maid and I.

Guess what. My mom only just came back that night, from my grandfather’s funeral.

I don’ remember anything like that, that’s what my mom told me.

Yeah, my grandfather. I don’t care what you say, it can be my grandfather or someone else’s grandfather, I still thnk it’s spooky. I keep reading things like that in the Singapore True Ghosts Stories series, uhhh, never thought I had actually gone through the same thing.

But it’s still pretty, um, touching(?). I mean, my grandfather and I were never really close. In fact, I don’t think we’ve had more than, say, 40 dialouges while he was still here. Much, much fewer than 40 even, I think.

He might’ve visited all my cousins, I don’t know. But I’m pretty touched that he bothered to check on me. That’s what my mother said he was doing. And how come he didn’t visit my sister, or my brother.

I really (really) hope it was my gong gong. It’d be really sweet if it really was him. I’d rather not think of that other possibility.

Uh, still pretty creeped out.

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