Slap her, she’s the emo kid!

Okay, here’s what you can do.

You can take the lyrics of Bad Day by Daniel Powter, multiply it by 111 days, mesh it with Saving Jane’s Girl Next Door, then take Kill by Jimmy Eat World, and, perhaps somewhat embarrassingly, a bit of Falling For You by Student Rick.

Also, a bit of Yesterdays by Pennywise.

Blend ’em, mash ’em up, pound ’em together.
And you get?
Chooiyen’s hush-hush-don’t-tell-anyone.

That’s perhaps the most personal bit of myself that’s being revealed to readers of Peeled Garlic.

(Actually, I know that’s the most personal, ’cause I’m always writing posts about stupid things like cereals and things my cat did.)

Yaaaaah. That’s 1/2 of the reason why I’ve not been blogging.

“Eh, you don’t update your blog anymore wan?”
“Ahahahahahhahah….. I lazy mah! Got so much homework!”

Yeah right. Homework my foot. Chooiyen’s just spending her time being emotional. Hahahahha.

Well, never again!

Anyway. There’s a certain friend that I need talk to. Why is it that I can never talk to you when I see you face to face.

1. We’d be interupted by people.
2. We’d be around the wrong kind of people.
3. I’m always acting cool. Like it’s some kind of Must or something.

Well, never again, again!

You know, I promised myself that I will, (like, absolutely WILL) stop being lazy and get to creating a new layout for my blog. I mean, this weird ass skin is done purely with Paint, and look how much it sucks. But then I think, what the hell am I talking about, I haven’t even finished my class page!

An average day at school
= 5 people asking me, “Done class page?”
= Chooiyen answering 5 times, “Heh, no, not yet.” with a sheepish smile to top it off.

You know, before any of us started work on the page, I had imagined 5S6’s class page to be absolutely Mind Blowing.

But after going through different hands, having different versions of it, it is now turning out to be merely Ass Sucking.

You know, ’cause it sucks ass.

But let’s just pretend that it doesn’t bother us.

* * * * *

I came back from add maths tuition an hour ago.

Tuitions are supposed to help you, encourage you, but I have to say, today’s class was anything but encouraging.

Our teacher gave us Ujian that consisted of 14 questions, and gave us 1.5 hours to finish it. Usually when she makes us do Ujians, she makes sure we don’t talk, lest we, y’know, discuss the answers, a.k.a. CHEAT.

But today was different.

I have the tendency to exaggerate, I know, but I assure you, this is how it really went, sans the exaggeration. Bear in mind, she wasn’t joking.

Teacher: “There are 14 questions, I give you 1.5 hours. I tell you, this is VERY HARD. I can tell you, none of you get can more than 40%.”
Chooiyen: “Huh? Only 40%?”
Teacher: “Yes. You also cannot get 40%.”

Here, it was particularly discouraging. And, it stings okay! Then she just had to continue…

Teacher: “You guys can discuss la. ‘Cause it won’t make any difference anyway. I think you can only do 1 question. Um, no lah, maybe 2.”
Students: *Silent. Saling berpandangan.*

So I bermonolog-ed, FINE I show you, I CAN indeed get 40%!

So I tried. First qustion., woah, no kidding, hard indeed. But I’m pretty confident that I got the correct answer. I checked, re-checked, and counter-checked. Yes, correct.

But then agan, not like it mattered anyway, ’cause a mere 30 minutes later…

Teacher: “Aiyah, dunnit do lah. I see your faces, so pathetic, sure cannot do. I don’t even have to mark, just put ‘0’ there enough already.”


Why, thank you for your kind encouragement. That sure boosted our spirits, that sure made us feel like we could indeed conquer Add Maths.

* * * * *

Oh, in case you’re in search of a good song, a song that’s slow and sweet and has boy-bandish lyrics, then go listen to Aaron Carter’s “Do You Remember”.

I know, you’re not a fan of Aaron Carter either, but give this song a try.

I like it; you might, too.

“Do you remember why I walked on water for you
Do you remember my first steps on the moon
Have you ever wondered why I gave three wishes to you
You asked the question
But the answer lies in youuuu….”


(But, this coming from a girl who totally adores the Backstreet Boys.)

PS. I just realized, my post count reached 100. This is my 101th post! Oooooh, Big Number!

PPS. Don’t tell me if you have anything over 101 posts. I don’t want to hear about it. And, we hate killjoys.

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