Short randoms

Here are a few proofs why you shouldn’t believe everything you read:

– A ‘tip’ from a househole hints book stated that if you are obese, you should mix lime juice with a little bit of honey, and drink it every morning. If I were 13 and still ignorant and didn’t know any better, I probably would have believed them. That’s perhaps the most wrong way of dealing with obeseity!

And to drink it everyday, in the morning. Tsk tsk. Acid overdose, my friend.

How can they publish something like that.

– And, taken from this month’s Seventeen magazine, “Dump… milk.” Because it interfere’s with your body’s absorption of magnesium and causes lethargy, or something like that. At least, I think it was magnesium.

If my mom were here, she’d definitely, definitely give them the Mom-Look and go, “OS – TEO – PO – RO – SIS!”, just like how she’s always giving us that look, and tell us we would have osteoporosis if we skip milk.

“Nei lou cho wei bend double, ngoh tong nei gong!” (“Later you old will bend double, I tell you!”)

Uh-huh. Then I re-read the article and realized, oh-sorry-ly, it was only during PMS periods. But then again, if I were to “dump milk” during PMS, and you add up all the days I’m dumping milk, I’d have dumped a whole lotta milk by the end of the year. My old back would still bend double.

Conclusion, yes, don’t believe everything you read.

If you MUST believe something, believe the articles about how celebrities are never as perfect as they seem.

I mean, I’d still choose to blindly believe they aren’t perfect, even if they really were. Darn the beautiful people.

* * * * *

Okay, I’mma ask you guys for a favour.

If you happen to chance upon ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ DVD/VCD in any of those video shops, could you please-please-pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top buy the thing?

And you hand it to me.

And in turn, I would reimburse you whatever amount you paid for it, and maybe bring you go yam-cha.

I mean, it is absolutely my-sister/my-brother/Chooiyen-sendiri’s favourite claymation of all time. Heck, even the songs are nice. Actually, the songs are what make it nice.

My sister and I have been going through every VCD/DVD rack we see, hoping to find the thing. Whether we’ve succeeded in finding it, obvious lah.

I have to say, I AM SO NOT KIDDING! I do sometimes say what I don’t mean and mean what I don’t say, but this time, I absolute mean it when I say, buy if you see it!

Applies to not only Chooiyen’s friends, but also to everyone who happens to read this, and also happens to be, uh, a ‘CHS-ian’.

A gazillion thanks in advance. =)

* * * * *

I should SO be doing the class page instead of writing random stuff in my blog. But I dunno, I’m getting pretty sick of it, especially since I cannot seem to come up with a way of arranging the photos and writing the names and captions that complements the background.

Take last night, for example. I skipped doing math and that chinese homework, because I spent the entire evening/night playing around with the page design. But, I dunno, everytime I try to put on the names and captions this way, or that way, it just clashes with the background. I’m all out of good ideas.

Tired lah. But ooooooh yes, I must persevere! Hahh.

And to quote my friend, “Class page only lah. Who cares how bad it is anyway.”


* * * * *

There is a rat in our house. It has now taken to coming upstairs to further look for food.

So we’ve got to keep our room doors closed all the time, lest it move into our rooms. You know how rats are impossible to chase out if they’ve set their minds on not being chased out.

Urghhh. A rat. Upstairs. Bad.

Oh well.

Ciaozzzz mah homiezzzzzzz!

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