A girl’s monthly frustrations

Oh yay. My hair is long enough to tie without having to hold it up with pins already!

Now all I gotta do is resist the urge to chop a good chunk of it off again.

Not that Chooiyen likes long hair all that much, she just wants to see whether having long hair will make her look more lady-like and sophisticated.

But seeing that her hair is dry and rough instead of the ideal soft and silky, she might end up looking like an unkept stray dog instead.

But she’s pretty optimistic about it, and she’s got her fingers crossed.

* * * * *

A few weeks ago, a classmate of mine passed around his version of the class page, and asked that whoever isn’t satisfied with their captions, or has got the chinese name written wrongly, make the corrections in pencil on that piece of paper.

Guy #1 had his photo and captions circled, and someone had written there, “Change a better one la. This is like an indirect insult.”

And, right beside that, someone else had scribbled, “Your face cannot get better. Face it bro.”

Reading it again last night, I had laughing fits all over.

My classmates are funny, but in such a mean way. My classmates are mean, but in such a funny way.

Speaking of last night, I broke my personal record!

One, for the longest period of time I have gone without sleep, and..

Two, for the most hours spent on the computer at one stretch.

Well, I didn’t sleep at all last night, save for a quick 15-minute nap at 6 am (which I usually would’ve spent ironing my uniform, but I got my mom to do it for me today). And, I was at the computer for 13 gruelling hours.

But here’s the weird bit – You can have me sleep 5 hours at night, and I’d feel sleepy in school because heck, I’ve only slept FIVE hours, but make me not sleep at all (and I didn’t even have afternoon naps yesterday) and I would be unusually energetic, more chirpy even.

But then that was after 8.30 am lah, before that I was still in my morning mood, you know, feeling grumpy and all.

I told myself that I absolutely must go home and sleep, just so I could have more energy for the trip tomorrow, but after only one hour of the ZZZ’s, I’m here, online, blogging. When I don’t have time to sleep, I just have to sleep 3 hours. When I have more than enough time for sleeping, 1 hour would be strangely sufficient.

I’m having the Eve of Trip Blues. Doesn’t matter if I’m going for camps, or holiday trips, I always get the blues the day before departure. Blues, as in, “Aiyah lazy go lah I wanna stay at home Just wanna sleep What about going online I have so much homework I don’t wanna go!!!!1111”

But it’s just a phase that I get over pretty quickly, and I always seem to have fun the next day. (If Iknow that, then why do I still have the blues?)

But tomorrow, is most probably my “28th day”. You know what I mean.

Now I wished I hadn’t read StarWeekend’s ghost articles for the past two weeks. It always seems that when in jungles at night, women having menstruation are more prone to be, um, disturbed by the things-I-am-deathly-afraid-of. And WE are scheduled to go jungle-trekking (surprise, surprise) at night.

But what really irks me is that it’s a 3-day-only trip, but it just HAD to coincide with my 28th day. Guys can laugh real loud while Mr. Chua makes jokes revolving around kitar haid and PMS, but they will never understand how troublesome it is for girls. ‘Specially when they’re going on trips.

And this is why girls should be respected, if not worshipped, by boys. ‘Cause they just have it tougher.

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