Dusun Eco, gimme mo’!

Good news, y’all – Chooiyen has finally half-conquered her fear of moths!

Yes, after 3 days of living in a moth/bigbee/weirdinsect infected place, I no longer feel the need to run far awy when a moth flies my way.

You know it’s a huge thing, ’cause I’m the girl who squeals/screams in the middle of class when a moth flutters around her. That resulted in Manwir going, “It’s JUST a butterfly!”
But just a butterfly it was not.

Yeah, the trip was awesome. Admittedly, on the first day, I wanted to slap myself for coming, because the place was disgusting. I’ve never been to toilets this eeew. I remember watching Ms.T. eating her slice of watermelon in the school toilet near the labs, and I thought that took guts. But that’s nothing compared to having to bathe in Dusun Eco bathrooms.

The bathrooms look as though someone had very liberally sprinkled dead moths and insects all over the floor. You know, just like how you sprinkle sugar on buttered toast. Then there are the live moths and insects, on the walls, on the floors, flying all over. /shudder/

Yes, I really missed my (clean) bed, I missed my (clean) room, I missed my (clean) bathroom. Bottomline, I really missed cleanliness.

But then things got better, and better, and when it was time to leave, I so badly wanted to stay.

I obstacle-coarse-ed under the rain, jungle trekked three whole hours, had my hand bleed from tying the ropes for our raft, rowed across the lake in a raft that was half sinking, treasure-hunted in the dark with a torchlight, wall-climbed, flyiing-foxed, and mentally wrote an essay while crossing the high bridge (’cause singing didn’t work).

I didn’t see the point in whipping out my camera for group photos when already a handful of people have had their cameras out, so I’m hoping that these people would upload the photos. Not a very subtle hint, eh? (Am especially looking forward to the photos during the water rafting!)

I enjoyed the trip a whole lot, mostly because we had all these activities to take our minds off things, all these wonderful people to keep us company, and because all we had to worry about throughout the 3 days were to choose the cleanest bathroom cubicles, and to have as little bodily contact with disdusting insects as possible.

I mean, it didn’t even feel like “just a weekend sandwiched between two schooling weeks”.

Returning back to school on tuesday, was like picking up all the worries you had put down and forgotten about during the trip. Slam! and bamm!, you’re no longer worry-free and having tons of fun.

Well. Pn. Tan Lin reprimanded Mr.William for not being with the debators that weekend. But Mr.William was busy taking extra good care of us! It’s a good thing the debators got through to the octofinals though, it’d be so much worse for Mr.William if they didn’t. Honestly, Mr.William has got to be one of the best teachers in CHS ever.

Weeeeell. I do have photos, I might put them up later, when I think of a way of putting them up without posting a whole load of them with only one-liners underneath. Photos do speak a thousand words, but it’s not good when they make us seem cam-whore-ish.

‘Till the next post, ciao!

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