There’s a good-looking fellow in North.

So Lu and I were walking around OneUtama one afternoon.

Then we saw this place where a stage was set up, and there were tables and chairs and four guys.

I wouldn’t have given two hoots about these guys, if it weren’t for the accidental glances of this really good-looking tuff of blonde hair that, upon closer inspection, belonged to a really good-looking gwailoh.

“Who are these people?” I asked Lu.

“I dunno. Probably models.” Lu answered, somewhat nonchalantly.

But that blonde guy was too good-looking to just walk off so soon. Besides, why were all these people going upstage and having these guys sign stuff?

Chooiyen took a couple of steps closer to the stage, and wanted to pick a random stranger and ask who these guys were. But nahh, she didn’t have to. She realized that two of the four guys were asians, and she also spotted a nearby stall that was selling CDs.

She put two and two together, and concluded that it was North, on their Malaysian promo tour thing.

Yeah, North the Australian band who did that English version of ‘wo ai ni, ai zhe ni, jiu xiang lau shu ai da mi‘.

Woah, celebrity band, people queuing (spelling help!) to buy CDs and getting autographs, and here I was, about to ask people who they were.

Still, they were celebrities, so I whipped out my trusty cellphone, and took photos!

Sleeveless-top guy blocking my view of the blonde guy. It was a bit weird, ’cause I walked all the way to the front, lifted the cellphone and aimed its camera at them, like I was some kind of Teenybopper Boyband Fan, like all the other girls clad in Kadet Remaja uniforms there.
(“Thou shalt not label others!”)

Perfect shot of the blonde guy. Notice they’re celebrities, but I can only manage to call the blonde guy, “The Blonde Guy”?

There weren’t the usual mob of fans you would usually expect at an autograph session, either. Well, quite obvious la, or else I wouldn’t have been able to move all the way to the front for my very closed-up shot.

I don’t care much about North. I just wanted to be able to tell people I was this close to a celebrity (there were other times, but this would add to the collection). Lu and I even wanted to go up and have them autograph Lu’s bag, and I saw this girl who took a photo with the blonde guy, and I wanted to take a photo with him also, but we figured we had to get a CD to be allowed onstage.

Bah, whatever!

Still. Lu and I went to Secret Recipe’s after that, and we ate. And ate. And talked. And talked. And talked.

We spent the whole time at OneUtama just talking. We did have to move around to look for other seats, ’cause the Secret Recipe staff didn’t seem happy that we’ve finished our food, and they’ve cleared our table, and we were still sitting there, talking.

I have to say, it was one of the most meaningful conversations I had in a long time. There were things that weren’t exactly secret, but you wouldn’t go ahead and tell everyone, and they’re things that weren’t exactly new, but are things that happened that you don’t quite mention to people. It’s sad we had to go all the way to Secret Recipe to be able to talk like this.

All in all, a day well spent.

I did say I got to go real close with a celebrity, didn’t I?

(Hmm. Make that celebrities.)

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