So today didn’t quite go as planned. Actually, it didn’t go as planned at all.

One, sorry ZiHui, guess it was a pretty weird birthday, and I’m gonna say something pretty corny like, “Hey at least you had all your real friends by you through it all!”

Two, it’s never too late to say once more, Happy Birthday!

Three, I said “real friends” in statement One, and CL knows why. Lalalalalala to the mumbler, and lahdeelahdeedah to the cari-excuse-er!
(See I am getting more cautious by the minute, I’m not even gonna hint at the Who’s and the WhatHappened’s.)

Four, Li-Ann said Miss Lina went over to 5S1, and made the 7 of them stand up, and started questioning them about the cake-bringing incident.
I must say, I honestly do respect them, ‘specially Ivy. She wasn’t the one who bought the cake, but she took the blame anyway.
And Chooiyen, Perpetrator? Busy trying to look busy during AddMaths because Pn.Hun was making rounds around the class and I didn’t feel like working on the questions just yet.

Five, backing up what Li-Ann blogged. Yes ZiHui, we SO love you!

* * * * *

Here is why you should never believe in rumours too readily, and why they are mostly distorted versions of the truth.

The Rumour : Ah Girl (“who is that type of girl, I tell you!”) smears mayonaisse over her face, and asks Ah Boy to lick it.

OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!1111 was the reaction.

The Truth : Ah Boy has a pimple. Ah Girl suggests that Ah Boy put mayonaisse on it, because it really works (beauty tip!).

And so, we should also never spread rumours, just ’cause we’ve run out of things to say and cannot think of topics to chat about. Really, forever bear that in mind.

* * * * *

I obviously have nothing much to write about.

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