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Answer to the Big Question: Yes Peeled Garlic is still alive and well!

Well, I finally came online today, and did a bit of browsing, and realized that my counter had zero visits logged for the last two days. Absolutely zilch.

I totally panicked, ’cause (wait for it!)…. I thought everyone was too busy studying to come online. My, am I kiasu.

But thank goodness that it was only because my blog wasn’t working. (No Lu, it’s not just you, haha.) But it’s nothing a new test post couldn’t fix.

* * * * *

But that is not the point of this post.

I am here to lament that, my family is totally inconsiderate, but not quite in the bad sense. See, it is the exam period now, and my mom made me stop going online, just so I spend more time studying.

So fine, I take a thorough bath, which is All-Important when it comes to the transition from Procrastinating-not-quite-studying, to Totally-focused-knowledge-absorber.

Then I studied.

And the next thing you know, “Yeeeen! Wanna go out eat dim sum or not?”

And you know, when a family goes out to eat, there’s no such thing as a quick meal. After our meal, my mom has to decide to go – mother of all time consumers, grocery shopping. Time consuming, because no grocery shopping session lasts less than two hours.

So we come back, and I continued studying.

“Yeeeeen! I wanna go OUG visit popo, then later take her to dinner, come along ah!”

But I haven’t finished this chapter yet, really must go meh! Why you always wait until I got a lot of stuff to do only start making plans? Why you always like thaaaaat? (Inner protest. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.)

But then it turned out, my grandma was at my ‘mm kau fu’s house. So fine, no dinner with popo then.

But don’t think my mom has stopped making plans.

“Popo not having dinner with us, then we go by ourselves la!”

So we went to Uptown, ’cause we’ve not been there since forever, where I had the wierdest fish n’ chips ever. It was basically breaded kerapu drenched in – get this, white mushroom and black pepper sauce.

Everybody knows I’m a very, very slow eater, so by the time I was almost done, the breaded fish had gone all soggy from the sauces. But the white mushroom sauce is pretty nice, if you have it with your fries.

After dinner, we went to Secret Recipe and got my mom a Mother’s Day Cake. (If you happened to have hung out with me today, chances are I’d have told you that I wanted to make a cake for my mom, but she went ahead and ruined her own surprise – and she doesn’t even know it.)

Chocolate banana. Mmmmmmm.

What happened over at Secret Recipe’s:

Mom : I think, better not buy whole cake, too much for us to finish.
Staff : We’re giving out a free Mother’s Day gift with every purchase of a whole cake.
Mom : Okay, then buy whole cake!
Dad : (Eyes indicated price) Who’s paying?
Everyone else : (Intentionally ignores dad.)
Staff : What would you like written on top?
Mom : Uh, no need lah.
Staff : No? Not even “Happy Mother’s Day”?
Mom : Oh, okay laaah…. Put “Happy Mother’s Day”! (Shrill laughs, pretends to be paiseh.)

So we got our cake, and we went home. Then we had a simple celebration, and we took photos.

That is my mommy. And that is a candle from a pack of candles we found while rumaging throuh the one of the drawers.

Our cake ended up looking like the face of a pork-marked guy, which is pretty gross, ’cause initially I had more candles on it, but my mom insisted one candle would suffice, so I took the candles off, and there were holes on the cake, so we kind of smeared the cream in an attempt to cover the hole.

We sang a Mother’s Day song, which was really the birthday song, modified.

Mother’s Day celebrations are always kept simple, ’cause my mom has her birthday at the end of May. Which is, pretty soon.

I was talking to a close friend today, and she said that she finally greeted her mom a happy Mom’s Day today. She said she did it late, ’cause she didn’t quite have the courage to say it yesterday. Then I realize, I get pretty shy over things like these, too. (Well I didn’t just realize, I pretty much knew it all along.)

It’s not like me to go up to my om and say, “I love you”, then proceed to give her a bear hug and a kiss.

But that doesn’t mean I love her any less.


So anyway, we got home, celebrated Mother’s Day, and we cleaned up. The next thing I knew, my mom and sis wanted to watch a movie. And it just had to be the movie I borrowed off a classmate. So I obviously had to watch with it them.

So how much have I studied over the 3 day weekend?

Not much, I have to say. Which pretty much explains the panic of not getting any visitors (how can I not study when everyone else is?)

My family, providing distractions after distractions, and my mom still happily goes, “You don’t seem much interested in your studies anymore.”

Well. Happy Mother’s Day. I really gotta go study now.

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