Funkadelic, totally rad!

Study progress : (almost) Halfway there.

Once I stop, it’s hard to get the momentum (jisim x halaju) going again.

Anyway, we went and watched Grease The Musical last night. “Grease is still the word.” Uh-huh.

Was it good? ‘Twas okay. Was it worth the money? Maybe. (Not ‘definitely’, not ‘absolutely’, just ‘maybe’.)

There were a few thngs that saved it from being boring, though.

One, the scene where they did Summer Nights (“Tell me more, tell me more, but ya don’t gotta brag!”). Yeah, that was nice. I liked the scene from the movie, naturally I like it from the musical. But I guess I just like the effect where two people (not together), sing the same song, together. Synchronized singing or something.

Two, the radio staion WAXX’s deejay, “the power of the hour, the main brain… Vince Fontaine!” Huh. Flashy suit.

But what I really enjoy, is the whole ’50s atmosphere. How can you not love the pre-modern (self-invented word) era? And I’m not talking about just Grease, either.

The curled hair. The bell-bottoms, with huge chain belts. The tie-dyed skirts. The flower-power headband. The tinted granny glasses. The pink-ness (would have been better if it were ‘the orange-ness’, y’know). The one-piece dresses. Aaaaand… the obligatory Peace Sign. Yeah, PEACE, baby.

And of course, the totally radical slang. Now, going “Sweat!” and putting three fingers near your forehead, is lame, and gives the impression of total lala-ness. But going “Faaar owt!” and sticking two fingers out (peace sign!) is totally groovy, and gives the impression of… the swingin’ sixties coolness. Wanna be cool? Be a hippie. Or, watch The ’70s House.

It’s like a totally different culture altogether. The ‘pre-modern’ culture. Like competitions of cramming people in telephone booths. Like sleeping in huge rollers for that curled-hair look. Like saying “moolah” instead of “money”. Like being there when Elvis was still alive.

Like playng those huge records on those huge record players. We still have one of those, and we still have a whole shelf full of those old records, and my dad still puts ’em on every once in a while. When we were young, we being my sister, brother and I, we used to listen to this children songs record, that was where I learned songs like “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”.

Yeah, pre-modern-ism is great. Retro-ism is wonderful. Did I mention, I wanted to do our class page up in a retro theme? Yeah. ‘Cause retro-ness is groovy baby!

But of course, I wouldn’t wanna live in that era. No internet, no Desperate Housewives, and no (insert modern band’s name). And, I’d hate to sleep in those curlers.

But then again, maybe school wouldn’t be so hard. Maybe Physics and Chemistry would be a lot easier, considering the fact that it would take decades to discover what they have discovered now. Maybe we wouldn’t have to learn about all those stupid electrons, and Siri Elektrokimia and all that.

Speaking of which, I have to continue with Chemistry now. I’ve still got asid and bes and garam to go. My last, and awfully dreaded, and least favourite chemistry chapter.

Catch you on the flip side, daddy-o!

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