A lightyear is the distance light can travel in a year. ‘A lot’, is an understatement.

If Planet X is 24 billion lightyears away, it means it takes light 24 billion years to travel from Planet X to Planet Earth.

So, what if the entire universe is only really 12 billion years old? Light from Planet X wouldn’t have time to reach here then.

Simply put, we wouldn’t be able to see Planet X, ’cause the light from there is only halfway on the journey here.

So it means that the longer we live, the older the universe is, the more time light has to travel, the more of the universe would be visble to us then?

And a photograph of another planet, which is, say, 2 million lightyears away, would really be showing how the planet looked like two million years ago, when cavemen rulezzz. If you wanted to see how it looked like right now, you’d have to wait another 2 million years.


* * * * *

It’s a bit late now, but here it is : Taylor Hicks won.

I’ve nothing to say. I mean, I’m still recuperating from the shock of Elliot’s leave. Elliot really should have won.

It was two weeks ago, right? I was studying, then I had an hour long break to watch American Idol. And Elliot was voted out. And I was pretty distressed about it, to the extent that I couldn’t study no more.

Yes I’ve never gotten so attached to a favourite Idol before. But there you go. It just shows how good Elliot is.

Soul Patrol? Bah. It’s just a grey-haired man with annoying dance moves. I’ve nothing agaisnt his grey hair though.

But it’s amazing, the reception they got when they returned to their home towns. They were treated like war heros or something. It’s so much different from Malaysia, innit? In Malaysia, people’d ask, “Malaysian Idol finalist got who wor?”

My neightbour could be a finalist, and all I’d do is go and say ‘congratulations’. No huge placards, no printed T-shirts of support, definitely no girlie screaming when I see him. But Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee and Elliot Yamin (Elliot!) got all of that. And so much more!

But then again, there is a vast difference between the standard of Malaysian Idol finalists, and American Idol finalists. And you wouldn’t need me to tell you which is better.

* * * * *

I got a letter from the Star Publication today. I got selected for a BRATS camp afterall!

I didn’t get the one that was carried out months ago, but I submitted my essay within the last hours of the deadline, so I wasn’t surprised. I thought I wasn’t selected at all.

This one is short. And it’s during the end of July. “Exams leh?” I hear my mom ask.

Bah the exams.

* * * * *

I did very, very badly in my Biology paper. I’m not very very sad, or very very upset, just… a little surprised it could turn out this bad.

I mean, I could have absolutely not study AT ALL, and I couldn’t do any worse than I’ve done now.

Yes it’s that bad, what’s worse is that I actually lost sleep, and two days’ worth of idle-ness (I do enjoy being idle) studying for that paper. I studied every chapter, I made myself memorize the small details, and I put a lot more effort on Chapter 4’s Pembiakan.

And at the end of it?
I couldn’t even remember what the barisan pertahanan kedua was. There wasn’t ANY pembiakan questions, either.

And I wrote a whole bunch of stuff about the ginjal for the glukosa essay question. Then Zhii Yee tells me it’s got nothing to do with the ginjal, and everything to do with the hati.

I dunno, I don’t dare check.

Oh it’s times like these you want to start smacking yourself.

* * * * *

YES! ‘Cry Wolf’ is finally being shown in Malaysia!

I’ve been waiting for this movie since last year (well no wonder, it was out in the US last year)!

It’s a bit sad, seeing the publicity it got, which is almost none at all, other than the small ad in the papers.

Cry Wolf official site

More about the movie, from IMBD!

Yes, I must watch it. Did you know, Jon Bon Jovi is in it? Uh-huh.

Another reason why I was waiting for it was because it has good soundtrack. Go download “Cry Wolf” by Adema. I actually first found out about the movie when I was downloading a bunch of Adema songs, and came accross this, which is by the way, the type of song you either love, or hate, but when you love it, you really really love it. And I love it, it’s one of my favourites.

I stayed up till 4 a.m reading the Da Vinci Code last year, and I was excied when it was about to show, but now I plan on watching Cry Wolf first. So it had better be good.

Seeing that it isn’t being much publicized at all, no one wants to take the risk of watching it. But I’ll watch, and I’ll tell you if it’s good.

Or maybe, my head was just too buried into the books that I missed the action going around. Maybe the trailer was being shown all the while.

Now I’ll just have to wait for ‘Rise’ to show on Malaysia’s big screens.

* * * * *

It’s been such a long time since I’ve typed anything on the keyboard, my fingers were a little dis-coordinated today.

All I’ve been doing at home is drawing lines accross pages with my superfluorescent orange highlighter. (It’s so superfluorescent, people say it’s very lala. But hey, it’s orange.)

Ahh, the internet! It feels so “mo sheng” now. =(

* * * * *


Two weeks of holidays!

14 days of idleness!

Hours and hours of lying on my bed! (I love my bed so much, you have no idea. When I say I like being idle, I really mean I like lying on my bed, doing nothing.)

Another bunch of hours of listening to music, without having to worry if you’d have time left for anything else (i.e studying)!

In a nutshell, 336 hours of uninterrupted ‘self’ time!

Happy holidays!

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