I am a (lisenced driver), hear me (start my car engine)!

Two days ago Joanne told me when she took her driving exam last year, she bribed, because it’s much much safer, then Nico said that if you don’t bribe, they’d sometimes purposely fail you. Then with every tiny mistake I made on the road, (i.e. forgetting to put signal, terpijak white line), my stupid instructor […]

Breast Balls, and Bad Biology papers.

At a mall kiosk selling novelty items – Boyfriend : [Grabs a female-breast-shapped ball (pink and complete with nipple)] “What’s this?”Sales girl : “It’s a stress ball, that you squeeze when you are stressed.”Boyfriend : (Squeezes breast ball a few times)Girlfriend : (Gazes at boyfriend) “OH, how I wish, how I wish…” (Grins naughtily) Chooiyen […]