Can you spell ANTICIPATION?

If anybody asks, yeah I’m still alive. Hah.

Just too busy spending the afternoons making sure I don’t screw my trial exams up too bad.
But it’s not working!

Random declaration –
If Magni wins Rockstar: Supernova, I will will WILL boycott all future efforts of Magni-fronted-Supernova!

What do the people see in him?

Keeping my fingers crossed for the other three.

Especially Lukas.

(Try typing ‘Lukas’ in Google Image and what comes out? Lukas Podolski. Pffft.)

WAS a Dilana supporter, then was rooting for Toby, now I’m all for Lukas, because his cover versions of late has been amazing.

Initially Lukas seemed like this freaky gothic kid who’d be better off fronting My Chemical Romance or something, and it seemed highly unlikely he’d front a band like Supernova, but I guess it’s like the plate of curry mee that comes with a half a cut lime, that you sqeeze the juice all over the mee. It’s an added twist, and absolutely tasty.
(I’m slightly better at analogies now, haha!)

Here’s hoping Lukas, Dilana and Toby will get to the finals. From there, whoever wins, doesn’t really matter much.

I know the finale’s gonna be an awesome show!

I’ll not be studying Physics tomorrow night, that’s for sure!

(What’s pathetic is when you devote an entire post to a reality tv show.)

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