Dum-dee Dum

We shall all have a new rock band to look forward to now – Supernova!

I thought it would end at 9.00 pm as usual, but then halfway into the show I realized, oh shit, it’d be ending at 10 pm tonight, darn, haven’t started on Physics yet.

The only solution? Cram everything in during comercials.

When they’ve already axed Magni (yeay!) and Toby, there were only two left.

By then we were already a bundle of nerves, with our fingers crossed ultra tight.

Seconds before Supernova revealed their new frontperson, there were talks of “OH SHIT I have to go to the toilet” and “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” and we were practically dying from the suspense.

Fortunately I don’t have to boycott them, cause… LUKAS WON!

Uh-huh! Weird, gothic, freaky Lukas Rossi!

It was wonderful, we I had tears of joy! My sister was rooting for Dilana, well too bad for her.

Dilana is great, she has an amazing voice, and look at this.

She looks a tad vampiric in that, but there’s no way you can say she hasn’t got the rocker attitude. There’s this strain in her voice that I totally dig. And her version of ‘Mother Mother’ was cooler than cool. Energetic, and watching her you almost feel like jumping on stage and go crazy along with her.

But Lukas, man some of his performances were amazing.

Especially when he did ‘Lithium’, I had goosepimples, he even did better than Marty! (You must know, I am a HUUUGE fan of Marty’s.)
He did the first verse slow, then he burst into the chorus with the stage lights suddenly glowing bright. I thought, wow, epic.

Lukas is amazing in the way that he takes songs everybody knows, but he shreds them apart, then puts them back together, and make it sound almost better than the original!

Like how he did this slow, dark-ish version of ‘Living On A Prayer’, you almost think gawd how can he do that, ’cause the original had been the kind of song you nod your head and move along to.

Though there are people saying how the show was kind of a fraud, because the audiences were led to believe that their votes mattered in the final decision, when in actual fact the winner had been predetermined since the beginning of the show.

There are also people going on about how the only reason Supernova did not choose Dilana or Magni or Storm was because they were too good. They would do great things if they embarked on a solo career, instead of being tied to Supernova.


I wonder if anyone else noticed, that Tommy Lee had been throwing a whole lot of sexual innuendos directed at Storm Large (“Storm Triple-X-tra Large!”), and that not ONE single song from Motley Crue, Metellica or Guns N’ Roses had been performed?

Bad past, maybe.

All in all, now I’ve got nothing to look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays. (It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one around here excited over the show. Else, I’d sound pretty stupid. It IS only a show where past-their-prime rockers elect a new frontperson for their new band.)

(I remember pledging that I wouldn’t watch Rockstar last month, ’cause I wanted myself to study, hah, taking on more than I could chew. Not watch Rockstar? How can?)

Came home from tuition Friday night, tv was switched on and it was showing One In A Million, so I just planted myself on the sofa and watched.
Paul’s comments on Faizal’s take on RemyZero’s ‘Save Me’?
“That was like watching Rockstar.”

Pffffttt. Faizal’s performance can be anything, but definitely not likened to performances from Rockstar! Worlds apart!

It’s time like these you remember why people always think everything from Malaysia is inferior. Musical talents wise, it kind of is. I couldn’t say ANY of the performances from One In A Million, or Malaysian Idol had been memorable, ‘cept maybe a few by Jaclyn Victor.

(I hope when, IF, Supernova comes to Malaysia, I would not be stuck at camp, servicing the nation!) (National Service lah.)

P/S. If you have not been watching Rockstar: INXS / Supernova, well, you SHOULD HAVE. You would’ve so so enjoyed it. Now it’s over and well too bad for you!

P/P/S. Thank heavens for Star World.

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