Word of the Day – Addiction

Addiction. noun.
– The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something, as in Chooiyen having this compulsive need to go online for not less than 4 hours a day, everyday.

Yes, L’s and G’s, I have reverted back to the days when I would suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms if denied access to the internet. Truly sad.

Back then I seeked help from a professional (um, complained to another fellow net-addict) and was told to go cold turkey for a bit, and I did, and wonder of wonders, I was cured! I could go on for three days without feeling the need to press that On/Off button.

Old habits never die.

It’s like this. I would tell myself, “Right, just ONE HOUR,” and I even set an alarm, but it just never works.

Real conversation –

“I spent 5 hours on the computer la, didn’t study at all.”

“Me also loh. Five hours non-stop you know.”

“Haih. If I continue playing games on weekends like this, SPM sure fail.”

“CHEH. You spent 5 hours on a weekend? I spent 5 hours everyday la!”

“….” (Looks at me bug-eyed.)

You’d think I’d get bored of it. You’d think by the 3rd hour, I’d have nothing else to do.

How very wrong. In fact, logging off the computer at the end of the 4th hour is done rather reluctantly, like ‘awww I still have SO MUCH left to do, do I really have to wait til tomorrow?’

Giving a friend my MSN password would never do – I don’t even sign in to Windows Live Messenger.

* * * * *

An indication of a new month coming, is getting a new issue of the Reader’s Digest in the mail.

It seemed not too long ago, right, that we got the September issue, and now we’ve already gotten the October issue, and before you know it, I’ll be getting the November issue, and we’ll be sitting for the SPM, then I’d get the December issue, and another year will be over.

How fast time flies.

But that’s not the point.

The only reason I brought up the topic of Reader’s Digest, is because I finally found the most, most appropriate word to describe a person I know.

Complex character, and not at all a pleasant one.

The word I had been looking for – “psychopath”.

On so many occassions I have wondered to myself, how can this person so readily do something, and yet not show any guilt/remorse, and how can this same person say “sorry ah” then proceed to laugh and not show any sincerity.

Or how this person so skillfully manipulated others into giving in to this person’s needs, or how this person would do something on the pretence of doing it for YOUR sake, but you know who gets the better share of things at the end. Yealah, just recently la.

* * * * *

On a lighter note, I did not fail my chemistry!

Even better, I actually managed a B!

Right, not something you lot would be satisfied with, you probably want nothing less than an A2, but it’s way more than I was expecting.

Considering the fact that I did so SO badly in my second paper. Half the paper blank. Tears almost falling right after the collection of exam papers. Classmate going “Eh don’t scare me ah don’t cry!”. (And, I did not cry. Pffft.) A ‘B’ is definitely a surprise.

Maybe I should study less.

I put in truckloads more of effort into this exam, and I’m getting back mediocre results.

I didn’t put in as much effort last few exams, and I fared better.

So to my friends-whom-I-hang-out-with-all-the-time, now you know why I don’t tell you my exam marks. You think it’s cause I did so good that I’m trying to be humble. No no no. It’s really ’cause I mustn’t embarrass myself, you see.

Right, ciao!
(Me, trying to update more often.)

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