Rule of thumb – Don’t be stupid.

If you happen to be a Maxis subscriber, then please please try and not give those nice people at the customer service call center a hard time.

If you are not a Maxis subscriber, then drop whatever service provider you are using now and start using Maxis.
But still, don’t give those nice people at the customer service call centre a hard time!

A day in the life of a customer service consultant : –

(And I would know it’s real because my cousin told me. He worked for Maxis part time.)

Call 1 –

“Hi, how may I help you?”

“I have a problem with my phone. It sends messages, but it doesn’t recieve.”

“Have you checked your inbox?”

“Yes, I used to be able to recieve incoming messages, but now suddenly cannot.”

“Hmm. Let me see if I can help you.”
*Starts rattling off possible solutions one after another.*

“Cannot lah. Still cannot recieve.”

*Scratches head, totally stumped. Slightly tired.*
(How much can a 19 year-old part-time worker know?)

“Now can?”

“Oh wait. Inbox full already. Sorry ah.”

*Line goes dead.

Call 2 –

“Something is wrong with my phone.”
*Starts grandma story of how the phone isn’t working ideally.

“I’m sorry, but you should probably contact the manufacturer. We’re just the service providers.”

“You cannot help? But last time I use Digi, they could help!”

“UH? I don’t think it’s our, or Digi’s responsibility. What phone are you using?”

“Nokia one.”

“Then you should contact Nokia’s customer service, and have them solve the problem.”

“Last time I call Digi they can solve!!”

“But it has nothing to do with Maxis! We just provide the service! I really cannot help!”

*Starts cursing like nobody’s buisiness.*

*Line goes dead.

Call 3 – (apparently THE MOST common type of calls)

“Hi. I have problems reloading.”

“What problems do you face?”

“I bought the reload coupon. Then I went and scratched it loh. But no number appeared.”

(It was later found out that the guy had actually picked a stone off the road/pavement, and had scratched away the numbers altogether.)

“So, what can I do now?”

“You could bring it to any Maxis branch outlets, they can help you.”

“But I live in Sarawak, no Maxis outlets here!” (Sabah and Sarawak memang no Maxis stores.)

“I’m sorry then, we cannot do anything. Maybe you could bring it along the next time you come over to West Malaysia?”

“Oh, so you want me to wait until I go over there la?! If I go there 10 years later, I have to keep this thing for 10 years only can lah?!”

“Yealah. Then you wait 10 years then bring here la.”
*Puts phone down.

Sigh. You know that person isn’t very bright when he has to use stones from the roads.

FYI, my cousin has stopped working for Maxis. He couldn’t take moronic calls like those anymore.
The guy dislikes Maxis so much now, he even got a new Digi number.

* * * * *

Kawan-kawan, what have we learnt from this?

1 – Never scratch reload coupons with stones picked from the roads. A 10 cent coin would suffice.

2 – Better yet, use post-paid. Hassle free, problem solved.

3 – Clean your inbox regularly. It’s not hard to do. Not asking you to clean your room also.

4 – NEVER work in the customer service department. NEVER EVER.

* * * * *

My mom’s colleuge, however you spell it, parked her car at the rooftop carpark, then fell asleep at the wheel.

The next thing she knew, her car had rolled off the edge of the roof, and plunged 70 feet (70 feet!) towards the ground, head first.

Her car was overturned when it landed on the ground, and, well, she died, but not instantly though.

She was crying in that car while waiting for professional help to arrive, and some crazy people went and turned the car over.

It’s important to remember, when someone is hurt like that, it’s NOT RIGHT to move that person, you could break bones and do more harm than good.

If they hadn’t moved her, she probably would have lived.

Freak accidents like these happen all the time, so now do you know how fragile life is?

(You should already know without me telling you, but here you are, just a reminder.)

* * * * *

I was going through Wikipedia today, and looked around Marilyn Manson’s Wiki page, and a few clicks here and there brought me to come across a song Manson had written – “Dancing With The One-Legged”, on his ‘Smells Like Children’ studio album.

Manson had written and covered a whole lot of songs, I never admitted to having listened to all of them, but coming across THIS particular song got me very surprised.

Here, this is why –

That’s my ‘ideas’ book, you know, a notebook where you jot down stuff like stupid poems and things that pop into your head.

That, was something I wrote sometime during November last year.

That’s exactly like the song title leh! Only with the ‘ – ‘ lacking.

What can I say, great minds think alike. Wahahah!

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