Exam blues (and yellows and reds)

I was surfing around Yahoo’s Time Capsule site, and came upon this.

You know, I wish I were panicking right now.

But I’m not.

You can tell from how I’m still surfing the Time Capsule that I’m taking things a little too easily.

And I totally dislike chatting with brainy people during times like these.

10 hours of studying a day? I’m only doing 3.

Bought 5 workbooks for every subject? I only got 2.

I even forgot basic names like “vena kava” and I realize whatever I studied for Sejarah two weeks ago have already gone to the mental waste dump.

And to make things worse, I’m looking forward to SPM because the sooner it’s over, the sooner I get to enjoy myself.

Looking forward means I’m excited, and being excited means I’m not worried and not pushing myself to study harder.

I was talking to my cousin, who’ll be sitting for her STPM, and it was good for the both of us because she got to rent and complain how TOUGH Form 6 is, and it’s good to be chatting with HER ’cause she’s panicking because she REALLY isn’t fully prepared yet, and that kind of got me worried just a little bit.

Worse still is when your parents tell you you’ll “do fine, don’t worry”.

Just because by some amazing miracle you manage to get A’s in your previous government exams, they expect you to do it again, and they presume it’ll be EASY for you.

My mom thinks that as long as you have your face in the books for a good amount of hours a day, you’re guaranteed an A, like it’s just bound to happen.

I don’t think she knows things like “forgetting facts” and “making mistakes” and “getting a MEAN examiner” exist.

I only hope they won’t get too disappointed when the results are out.


I’m expecting no one comes here anymore, since I declared it abondoned, so I’m just here to talk to myself, and make myslef look stupid while I’m at it.

Task done.

Leaving, bye!

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