A pinch of salt

Some time in July, I found out I “telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara siri 4/2007”.

So I was pretty VERY enthusiastic about it.

Then the wise ol’ Canned-Meat asked me, “What about your studies?”

And I naively thought, “To hell with my studies! I could take a little break, couldn’t I?”

Now I’m 4 months older, and more matured.

I was praying and hoping and WISHING I’d be one of the 2nd batch, and then I saw that –

That’s it then.

First batch.

My only consolation is that it’s still in Selangor, so my parents could come visit and hand me anything that needs to be done.

It’s so unfortunate that deadlines for applications to so many things so often have to be in March, or early April.

So I was complaining last night, what about application essays? What about letters of recommendation? No way I could have those done in 20 days.

But you know, “Be Proactive”, so I figure National Service could be such an amazing experience that I could somehow incorporate it into my essays. If I ever have the time to write them, that is.

I was also told that unless you’re taking your A-levels, you’re better off taking the SAT early in the year, as early as possible after the SPM, before your mind goes all dull and slow.
Imagine how sucky it would be, to have to re-study your Fizik and Biologi Buku Teks Tingkatan Lima late next year when everyone has already chucked those away far from sight.

But then again it’s bad enough having to forget everything you’ve been taught in Malay, and re-learn things in English.

(Leaving in January also means having to celebrate my birthday with people whom I barely know. No candles for me to blow out, no birthday wishes waiting to come true.)

* * * * *

Anyway. I saw photos of my camp, it seems pretty decent.

It reminds me of Dusun Eco haha.

Three months of music deprivation. By the time I come back, the latest song that I know of, is the song all of you would consider ancient.

MP3 cell phones and iPods are completely out of the question.

(Speaking of iPods, I bought an iPod nano! Thanks to a classmate whose aunt is kind enough to purchase it from Singapore. Apple products are generally cheaper over the causeway. Just gotta wait til Tuesday!)

And what if some really good bands happen to stop at Malaysia for a one-night-only concert? What if Rockstar Supernova comes (and they probably would)? I’d still be in Selangor, so near yet so so far.

I was told that food there is spicey, and I was also told it’s curry, curry and curry.


So despite the few gripes that I have (I’m only complaining a little because I was hoping for batch number 2), I’m actually all psyched up for it!

One month away!

(I heard you could go to church or to the temple, or both, at least that’s how it is in Kem Geo Kosmo.)

* * * * *

My eyes are burning, and they hurt behind the sockets.

It was bad enough during the EST objective paper, and it was only the eyes then.

Now my head is throbing, I’m cold one minute and hot the next, and blinking my eyes hurt.

Studying is the least I feel like doing.

* * * * *

Apple : “I’m worried, what should I wear for prom?”
Orange : “Don’t worry, just be comfortable in your own skin.”
Apple : “So I should just go naked?”

Birthday suits are best worn at home IN YOUR BATHROOM.

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