I had the biggest fight with my mom an hour ago.

It was kind of like the sum of all fights, where both of us started bringing up fights we’ve had over the past, oh I dunno, five years or so, and began arguing who was right and who was wrong.

You know it’s gotten to the most extreme degree when your mom says, “You could die and I wouldn’t even care.”

She has never said anything like that before, and she probably doesn’t mean it, but it obviously hurts a lot more than when a friend tells you she thinks you’re mean or when someone says you’re cocky.

I’ve not felt this shitty in a very long time.

I don’t know why it even started, we were having dinner and everything was going well.

This is probably the kind of dirty laundry I shouldn’t air, but I couldn’t concentrate on studying right now, I feel like shit.

So what now, we’re going to pretend not to see each other later tonight?


(Came online, talked to the worry-free person who thinks studying Biology is like going to the toilet and doing your big buisiness, important but can be put off till later, and now I feel better.)

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