Burn them books!

40 people turned up at Manhattan Fish Market yesterday, and took up two looong stretches of tables.

20 people stayed for the movie, and took up two rows of seats.

It was our first class gathering, and everyone was lamenting that we should’ve done this earlier.

Like JoonMing said, we started acting like a class, only when we aren’t really a class anymore.


I found out that there are people who still love Malaysia, and are not trying to get out from it the first chance they have.

To a few of my classmates, Malaysia is home, and they’re like Jenny from the Pendidikan Moral paper – they’re coming home no matter what.

It’s nice to know their only gripe is the hot weather.

* * * * *

I’m announcing Daniel Craig as my favourite Bond actor!

You DO realize the only people who still think he’s no good, are the same people who have not watched the movie yet?

So he’s blond, big deal.

(Someone should’ve told me that when I was happily criticizing him for being blond prior to watching the film.)

I was told he had amazing abs.

I was dissappointed.

* * * * *

I am having a bad, bad, BAD case of the pre-trip jitters.

It happens everytime, one day before I leave for trips or camps.

Last week, I was anything but anxious, what with people randomly going, “Eh this time next week we’d have passed the immigration already!” or “What’d you think we’d be doing now?”

So we’re leaving tomorrow!

Seeing that we’re probably spending near a thousand ringgit on this, a mere ‘good trip’ just wouldn’t cut it – we need a GREAT trip!

My camera conked out during graduation when someone dropped it on the floor with a very sickening *insert sound of camera dropping 1.5 m to the floor*.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I brought it out for fixing just yesterday, and it couldn’t be fixed in time for tomorrow.

Sad lah, now I have to rely on other people’s camera.

A small bunch of friends, on foreign soil, without adult supervision (hey we’re almost adult ouselves), so why am I wishing I could just stay at home tomorrow?

* * * * *

I thought when the last paper was handed in, it’d be like going through a magical moment, angels would descend and start singing, birds would fly in and start chirping.

But nothing happend.

So SPM’s over!

(I’d hate to be SPM. People get all fustrated when you’re near, and start rejoicing like WHAT when you’re gone.)

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