Free Hugs

So we arrived back in Malaysia around 10.30 pm yesterday.

I’d blog about the trip now, but I’ll just wait till I get the photos from the others first.


We were in Orchard Road yesterday, walking to Takashimaya for lunch, when we saw a girl and a guy holding up signs, offering free hugs.

Which reminded me of the Free Hugs Campaign YouTube video.

Initially we just walked off, but then we turned back and figured we’d go for a hug. A group hug.

A couple of stupid jokes were told, we laughed, then we walked off.

Only, I stopped, walked back to where she was and did a solo hug with her.

We wished each other an early ‘Merry Christmas’, and I left.

I have no idea why, I’ve been thinking about this ever since I’ve returned.

So I went online, googled the Free Hugs Campaign, went into this forum, and read this post written by someone who recieved hugs “from a guy and a girl in Orchard Road”.

I think it’s pretty amazing, this Free Hugs thing.

Think it’d be nice to do it in Bintang Walk?

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