A disorganized post, of Singapore and such.

Throughout the four days in Singapore, there were a few overused phrases, one of them being “Only in Singapore, never in Malaysia!” (and another one being, “Jiu Hwei! Until which station?“)

Come back really kena cultural shock lah, the elevators there move faster, the cars actually stop for you, the toilets aren’t just clean, they generally look pretty funky too. And the people never get irritated when you ask for directions.

Anyway. We spent all our nights walking along Orchard Road, and the Christmas decorations were beautiful.

I remember walking past a seemingly ugly-looking structure, and one of the guys went, “What the hell is that? So damn ugly.”

That was in the day. We came back at night, and that “ugly-looking sturcture” had morphed itself into a beautiful, beautiful christmas tree fountain!

I don’t remember seeing Christmas decorations that nice in Bintang Walk, but maybe they’ve bucked up this year. I assume I’ll be making endless comparisons when I’m there later.

(But make no mistake, I love KL. Going to stay in KL with my parents is usually a bit like going on a walk-fest. We walk everywhere, i.e. to the best beef ball noodle stall by the most rundown building you can imagine.)

So anyway, my family would probably go visit Singapore soon, which I cannot join because I have a lot of things to do.

And, my family would be going off to China in January, which I cannot go because I’ll be in Kem Geo Kosmo (Spam so likes the word, hor?).

* * * * *

AAH! My brother’s coming home next week!

Excitement. Anticipation. I-Can’t-Wait-ness!

It’s sad ’cause my time with him is cut real short, all because I’ve got to leave for National Service on the first of January, so I’m still having doubts about that after-Christmas Pangkor trip.

Coupled with the fact that I’ve not told my parents about it yet, I’ve got a good mind to just forgo it.
The only thing stopping me is my conscience. I told them I’d go, you know?

I heard my brother has gotten quite fat gained quite a bit of weight while being in Hawaii, and the guy refused to take a picture of himself when I asked him to, so we’ll just have to wait and see just how fat much weight he has gained.

But seeing that he’s always been quite the monster eater (as in he eats monster quantities of food, not taht he eats monsters), I wouldn’t be surprised if he has become pretty blimpy.

Oooh yes, he’s coming back!

* * * * *

There’s been an inexplicable surge in visitors of late, which is weird ’cause I have not been updating at all.

But the tagboards so awfully lonely lahh.

Ahah, if you’re here looking for prom photos or anything, I bet you’re disappointed, ’cause I did not go.
Wrong place to go to if you want photos anyway. That’s why people don’t find this blog interesting. I don’t have photos =(

If you’re here because you think I’ve been blogging lately, you clearly do not know me well.

If you’re here by accident and are not even from Catholic High, well then, nevermind.

* * * * *

Before I sign off, I must report that as a result of the Singapore trip, I –

– can now ride standing up on my bike!

– have learned to play Cho Dai Di! (Luuu, are you proud of me now? Hahah)

– have touched stingrays, starfishes and some other stuff I cannot identify

– learned that unless you’re a pro biker, doing ‘aerodynamics’ is just about complete bullsh*t

– have touched something

– am seeing WW2 in a whole new light

– dislike shopping (always have, always will)

* * * * *

Christmas is almost here!

They’re having a Christmas party, with turkeys and decoration and all – the works! (P’haps the best part would be my bro joining us in this one!)

I think we need a class gathering cum Christmas party.

We could have it at the house of the-guy-whose-house-is-so-nice-but-is-SO-self-conscious, and whose-mom-asked-him-to-invite-his-friends-over-for-a-party-to-which-he-replied-that-he-hadnofriends.

Or we could just be lazy and meet up at a restaurant in a mall again.

Anyway, signing off!

(An early Merry Christmas! Remember, I was the first one with the greeting!)

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