Of nothing in particular.

I’m swearing off fast food as of riiiiiight……… now.

You guys, if I have to go out with you, we’ll have something healthier for once, okay?

Burgers. Chips. Pizzasthreedaysinarow. My gawd, I’m going to die of clogged arteries pretty soon.

Of the total number of main meals I’ve had past two weeks, how many were in an outlet where you start piling up on the calories from the very first bite?

“Eh, what to eat?”

“Dunno lah. Fast food lah.”

Darn fast food, for being so cheap and convenient and so darn delicious.

* * * * *

I’ve not filled in my NS forms.

I’ve not opened that Bank Pertanian account.

I have no idea if I gotta go for medical check up. Either way, I’ve not done it yet.

Two weeks left.

(How? There’s this nagging voice in my head telling me to ENJOOOOOY myself as much as possible, it’s a bit like, “You better appreciate your luxuries now, two weeks later your only luxury would be curry rice everyday”. Mmmm… curry!)

* * * * *

I’m completely, completely lost when it comes to my future.

It’s so easy to say “A-Levels!” when people ask what I’ll be doing next year, but um, ask me what subjects I’ll be taking, and I wouldn’t be able to answer you.

So, question is, go the safe route and do sciences, or take a risk and go for the humanities package, which would include law, economics, sociology and literature in english? Or should I just flip a coin.

Decisions desicions.

My bro’s studying art, my mom says artists have to die before their works are properly recognized. She’s not placing her chips on him earning millions of Ringgit and purchasing a mansion.

So what if I tell her I wouldn’t mind driving a second hand Perodua Kancil for the rest of my life, because that’s all I can afford?

I mean, as long as I love what I’m doing, right?

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