Regarding college.

Cheh. I didn’t think deferment would be so easy. And quick.

Friday night, I was still talking to Michelle and Joanne and her friend about National Service, was still very geared up about it.

But by Saturday, I completely changed my mind.

I decided I would just go to college.

Ker Lei was the first to find out, and she went (verbatim), “Cheh, I thought you were desperate to go?”

Not that I duwan go la, I went to the Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara office today, to hand in my letter of postponement, and I saw the photos of the trainees at camp, and I was thinking, “I wanna go also laaahh!”

“Satu Hasrat, Satu Semangat, Satu Tekad”. FWAH, made me so semangated.

But I had plans. Seeing that a certain subject I wanted would be offered only in Taylor’s, only for the January or the July intakes, and seeing that the July intake would mean waiting a whole year before I go off for…. something, sacrificing three months of NS is perhaps worth it.

Interesting to note that while I was in INTI College doing counselling, this young counsellor found out I was selected for National Service and she was like, “Har? You kena?”

“Kena” makes it sound like, you know, bad luck, “you kena bad luck” like that.

You realize all young people never say “You got selected”, but they always go, “You kena”.

So I signed up for Taylor’s. January intake.

And to think, I was laughing at people who wanted to start college in January, ’cause I thought they were kiasu.

Now I know, they were just thinking beyond the next three months.

Aaaaanyway. I dunno why Taylor’s have to go, “Okay, I take you go take photo now” once you register.

Well for one thing, I lost my comb and I was sleeping in the car. My hair was in a mess and now I would have a painfully ugly photo on my student card for the next year and a half.

It’s like a curse la, all my photos look bad, like on my passport, my identity card, my driver’s lisence (quote instructor, “Wah! Your photo, primary school take wan ah?” It’s Form 4 photo la, sheesh), my CHS library card…

Or, you know, maybe I just look like that.

* * * * *

My cousin once said that people who’re doing the A Level are mostly taking 3 subjects, which is the minimum number of subjects.

For some reason, I have signed up for 4, plus Thinking Skills which Taylor’s made compulsory. So that makes 5 subjects.

What if I get back to my habit of slacking off the entire year, then desperately trying to buck up when the exams are near?

Sure die la like that.

(And regarding that International Baccalaureate thing I had been talking about, I realize I have next to zilch hope of getting a scholarship, and 50,000 – 90,000 for a pre-U course is too much.)

* * * * *

We were in the car after dinner, when my sister asked a Stupid Question.

“If a genie wanted to turn you into a kind of Food, what would you choose to turn into? You cannot say duwan, and nobody would eat you.”

I said I wanted to be a chocolate cake.

She said she wanted to be… something, I don’t remember what.

And my mom? “I want to be a lotus flower.”

Sometimes I wonder if she really listens when my sister and I talk.

* * * * *

I finally decided I wouldn’t be going to Pangkor after all.

Fortunately, someone was willing to take my place.

Unfortunately, my cousins are now planning a Cousins-Only-Trip to Genting Highlands.

It’s got nothing to do with being a hermit, and everything to do with wanting to stay at home and enjoy my holidays before college starts.


It sounds so adult, doesn’t it?

No more uniforms!

And I think the best thing is, most of us are going to the colleges that are pretty near from one another, i.e. Taylor’s, INTI, Sunway.

I’m looking forward to next year =)

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