Know what’s cool?

I love, love, love Biology!

We’re starting on all that “similar amino acids in all living things” thing right now, and our lecturer would go on and tell us about evolution and all that, then she’d show us images of fossils and things.


The best thing about our lecturer is, she’d be awfully patient with you, even if you couldn’t answer her question and that’d probably mean you weren’t paying attention in class.

And, she makes sure to remind the class that us evolving from monkey to man is just an idea that scientists believe in.

She reminds us to still hold fast to what WE believe, i.e. God made Adam and Eve and such.

She doesn’t act like she holds all authority just because she is teaching us, neither does she push us to stand on one side of the gate in what has been a topic of debate all the while.


(Coincidentally it’s the only subject that I did not flunk its quiz.)

* * * * *

You know what’s way, way, waaaaay cool?

They wrote about my entry! On Idealist On Campus!

So cool so cool, ’cause y’know, I’ve been visiting the site for quite a bit, and to suddenly find our own link on it, well it was a surprise.

Gave them goosebumps? Hahahah.

No wonder suddenly I had a surge in visitors all of a sudden.

P.S. No it’s NOT a post from Peeled-Garlic. It’s something else.

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