In anticipation of CNY. And a new cam perhaps.

Almost every other day now my sister would ask, “Eh so how wanna go Muse not?”

(Yes if I were to go I’d be going with my sister because no one I know wants to go with me. Wait scratch that. No one I know wants to pay to watch Muse.)

Tickets are almost selling out now right, wait any longer and they’ll be completely sold off right, but I cannot decide.

Grrr. College and Common Tests get in the way of everything.

My sister had two free tickets to watch INXS last year, but we had to turn them down because I had tuition on a Friday night and it was just before SPM trials.

And to cheapskate people like myself, free tickets to huge rock acts are everything.

Grr. School work makes your life a lot less enjoyable.

But it’s amazing, only the first month of college, and already I’m slacking off on school work. Plus, I’m no longer the “new student in class” anymore, so I don’t get excused from not doing my homework / not knowing what I should know in class.

It’s like I’m living my Form 5 life, only twice worse. (At least in Form 5, I did my work when the teacher made it clear it is a DO YOUR WORK OR DIE situation, where as in college the lecturers just couldn’t care less.)

On a different note, my Aunt-From-UK would be back this coming Saturday!

Which means I –

1. Have to clean my room.
(Clothes on my bed, remote controls and cable wires on the floor. Not going to be easy.)

2. Must behave.
(No more yelling from the top of the stairs to whoever’s in the kitchen. “Scream like that for what! Come down and talk!”)

3. Have more ang pao money!
(Pity the pounds-to-ringgit conversion rate has gone down though.)

4. Must pretend to be very interested in school work.

5. Have to listen to all the music I want now, and have the volume turned down once she arrives.

6. Will be celebrating Chinese New Year!

Food, travel, Ipoh, hometown, Ipoh sarhorfun, steamboat, Pangkor, cantonese CNY tv shows, ANG PAOS!

For some reason, the older you get, the more you anticipate Chinese New Year.

Nothing to do with ang paos though, it’s the whole wear-red-not-black-speak-good-not-bad festive atmosphere.

My parents are very traditional.

We have to pour them tea and utter words of luck and prosperity (in mandarin no less) just to get our red packets. Which is weird because my parents don’t even speak mandarin, and is hard for people like me, so I just say whatever comes to mind – mostly “shen ti jian kang” or “wan shi ru yi”.

I don’t know a lot of mandarin good-fortune phrases, but my brother is dead hopeless – he thinks “xin nian kuai le” IS a chinese good-fortune phrase in itself.

Hopefully I save enough money to get myself the Nikon D40.

It’s already the cheapest one in the market.

After having used my brother’s dSLR, point-and-shoot cameras tend to leave me feeling a little frustrated.

(That being said, I find myself looking at cameras in the market despite having my own Lumix for less than a year. I love cameras. At the end of the day, should you ask me to choose between cellphones and cameras, I’d choose the latter anytime!)

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