If nothing else kills you, SAM will.

I am buried chest deep in assignments and such!

Chemistry quiz, biology quiz, physics common test, LAN test (which I can pretty much ignore), preliminary outline for investigative studies, all due/happening next week.

“I cannot believe we have SO MUCH going on next week.”

“What else were you expecting when you signed up for SAM?”

True also.

* * * * *

Why is the 30 GB iPod cheaper than the 8GB iPod Nano?

I wonder if there are differences between an iPod nano and one of those cheap RM100-for-one, China-made MP3 players.

Other than the prices, that is.

* * * * *

I am so, so not used to using the internet on campus computers.

I’d turn around every few minutes, in case someone was looking at my screen, and I’d make sure to only visit sites that would make me look intelligent in case I died in the middle of surfing it.

Blame the private little corner of my home computer for the paranoia.

Then there’s the speed.

You can look around the room, stare at people for a good amount of time before the pages fully loads.
(It’s probably not so bad if you don’t open 5 tabs at once, but I wouldn’t know. Instinctive habit I have, to open as many pages as possible.)
(Twisted logic of mine tells me it saves time.)
(It doesn’t, actually.)

I know of someone who hides Limewire in his thumbdrive, then goes and download music from college.

He’s from Sunway. It’s that fast over there. (Or so he says.)

* * * * *

No posts the whole of next week.

And even if there are, it’d be me ranting on about how I spent oodles of hours studying, yet still couldn’t do the tests.

Why have I not started spending oodles of hours studying yet?

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