You have got, got, got to see this!

NOFX Tour Dates

Only about a month ago, this thread came up in Lowyat.Net saying that the day they come to Malaysia, is the day it snows in this country, or something to that effect.

Well it hasn’t snowed yet, but they’re coming!!

‘Surprised’ doesn’t even begin to describe me.

I’m hating myself for not getting the tickets to Muse earlier, (darn you friend-who-keeps-stalling-in-giving-me-an-answer-but-eventually-decides-not-to-go), so here’s a chance for me to un-hate myself again!

Digression – Did you know the official world tour shirts they were selling at the gig last night costed more than a good sum of the tickets themselves?
I was having lunch at Asia Cafe (where else, sigh) when this guy walked past my table and he was wearing it.

Rich kids have everything they want. =(

But April 19th!

By the way, what’s TBA?

“The idiots have taken over!”

* * * * *

I’m doing all the sciences for school yeah, but here I am, pouring over a huge pile of books on law and human rights.

I have no idea why I thought freedom of expression in the United States (“in the US” insisted by Dr. Santa) would be a good topic for the Investigative Study, because I realize now there aren’t a whole lot of books on that.

Even if there were, I’d have to go through 15 pages just to get ONE page of relevant information.

Come May, I’d probably know more about the First Amendment to the United States Constitution than I ever thought I will.

Or more than I ever want to, for that matter.

So while my classmates have piles of books on their topics like global warming or terrorism or alcoholism, I have to discard a whole load of books because they were about the BRITISH law.

You have no idea how boring it can be, having to read about the United States Bill of Rights without even being an American.

Annotated Bibliography due tomorrow!

I’ve got this classmate who has this ingenious way of doing his annotated bibliography.

Search for a book on (whether or not he could actually get his hands on the book later on), then copy and paste the synopsis straight into his Word document.

Which worked fine until he was told that we have to photocopy pages of the book and highlight the relevant parts before handing it in.

Bah plagiarism, he says!

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