“Just like my grandmother.”

Need… to.. control.. my… urges.

Cannot.. tahan… anymore.

Am this close to getting it already!

* * * * *

Occasionally, people say things that make other people go huhhh?

One of those things would be, “Ekk, sun is burning my eyeballs! I cannot see the road!”

Especially if said very loudly, and right in front of the college, somemore.

Or something like, “I’ve a green shirt, that is not actually green. Just a bit green… It’s sea green, actually.”

Or, “I didn’t get any A’s for my SPM. Honest! –5 minutes later– Eh you know I’m the only person in my school to get A for Perdagangan?”

Or my favourite (and this is said with an earnest face, from boy to girl), “You look pretty today. Just like my grandmother.”

* * * * *
From the Recent Keyword Activity page of StatCounter, comes this.

Means someone came to by blog by googling the term death of engfui.

From the US though, so no worries there!

* * * * *

That guy working at the Mac Centre right opposite Taylor’s, should really just collect money and not speak at all.

He’s looks to be about 40 years old, he’s got greying hair, so it’s sickening that he goes, “Thank you for coming, my bay-bee!” to the girls paying at the counter.

Or he’d call you, “Mei mei xiao ke ai”, literally translated, “Sister Little Cutie”.

Or, “piao liang mei mei”.

My friend, being Indonesian (and looks it), doesn’t understand mandarin, so he called her, “my sayang”.

First few weeks, I thought it was funny.

Then it started to get annoying.

Now it’s making some of us feel uncomfortable. (It’s not what he says. Sometimes, it’s how he says it.)

(And he does that to every single girl!)

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