Punchbag post.

There’s a lesson to learn from this, I’m telling you.

If there’s a huge group project that has to be done, and the entire group has gotten together to discuss who does what, and should you start daydreaming and let your mind wander off too far away just about then, you’d probably snap out of your reverie and realize OMGWTFBBQsauce you have just been given the worst job ever!

That was what happened during LAN.

I was staring at a girl in oversized shirt who talked in an unusually high-pitched voice, and whose sentence is liberally peppered with words like “like”, and before I knew it, someone was the source finder for our group essay, another the presenter, and another the “printer”. The rest, have their weekends free.

And I? The “editor”. Which sounds nice, but really, what actually happens is the two people would email me whole articles, and from there I would have to write 3000 words on the strengths of Malaysia’s multiracial society. (3000 words!)

Then I would send the thing over to the printing person, and she’d “sacrifice her printing quota” and print the thing out. Only she would then forget her student card, not be allowed into the library or the Web, and I would have to print the thing myself.

And the rest of the group, have their weekends free.

So while I did the work, I got accused during LAN presentation for not helping out the Presenter with the presentation. This other group started asking us “why you let her present the whole thing, you guys also present mah, how can lidat!”
They even asked if she’d want to join their group, ’cause they honestly thought we were being unfair to her.

And the rest of the group? Cite stage fright as an excuse. Turned out I was the only one who actually offered to do half of the presentation. (But the girl said she could handle it. And she did good!)

I’m fine with doing a lot of work on group projects, but I’m not at all fine with having to do almost the entire thing myself.

I’m also not fine with you saying “I do not have internet at home, I cannot do anything”.

You could’ve stayed at the library and looked for books there, or you could’ve used the library computer. That’s what I did.

And you don’t need internet access to use Microsoft Word, now do you?

3000 words isn’t easy. I ended up writing about 2000, and would any of them know how much time I spent on it?

They’d go, “nice essay”, and as long as they have their marks, they’re happy.

My classmates are fun to be with by the way. Things like going to the movies, going for lunch, are nice if they’re with you. You have no idea how hilarious some of them can be!

It’s pretty much just one person I’m griping about, sorry. That one person sho’s getting on everyone’s nerves. That one person whom everyone is trying to “one day” tell her she has gotta change.

* * * * *

I miss high school.

If anything like the above happened, I would’ve told them off, and I would’ve made them do their share of the work.

If you’re asking me why I hadn’t confronted them, well it’d feel weird, and besides, we’ve got another movie date coming up this thursday, what if they suddenly abandon me? Hmmmm?

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