Random update.

The coolest sh*t just happened. I just received a pretty exciting email! From a published author, no less. The concert was fun, by the way. Managed to snap a photo with Jason Lo, unfortunately it’s in Anggit’s phone and I’ve problems bluetooth-ing (?) with her. Because I was wearing the same shirt I wore for […]


Announcing… a three week hiatus from Peeled Garlic! SAM Bio-Med students are so buried in assignments, exams, and all sorts of things that we practically have no time for anything else right now. Or maybe it’s just myself, because I have bad time management skills. This week, Chemistry practical test, Investigative Study Report draft due, […]


It’s surprising how Vena Sera was released just yesterday, and the entire album can already be downloaded off the net. Anyway. I just downloaded the whole thing (don’t worry I buy albums I downloaded and liked), and urggghhhh it’s wonderful! Speaking of newly released albums, I’m getting all excited over Linkin Park’s Minutes To Midnight. […]


sanc·tu·ar·y (săngk‘chū-ĕr‘ē)– A place of refuge or asylum. You remember in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, when the Baudelaire kids’s parents died in a fire, and they were thrown to live with Count Olaf?Klaus asked, “Do you think anything will ever feel like home again?” Then they build a small sanctuary from curtains […]