It’s surprising how Vena Sera was released just yesterday, and the entire album can already be downloaded off the net.

Anyway. I just downloaded the whole thing (don’t worry I buy albums I downloaded and liked), and urggghhhh it’s wonderful!

Speaking of newly released albums, I’m getting all excited over Linkin Park’s Minutes To Midnight.

Marvi SMS-ed me and I could tell she was excited too. My LP buddy!

Back in Form 2, I made my brother drive out at night just to get two copies of Meteora (one for Marvi, one for myself) the very day it was released.

And he actually did go out, despite him having his assignment due the next day. The things demanding brats make their brothers do.

I took out all my copies of LP’s previous albums, and had a listen to them all over again, and realized that despite not having listened to them for the past year or two, I could still sing along word for word.

But ask me to do Malaysian Studies (which is pretty much basic form 5 sejarah), and I go completely blank.

And Good Charlotte’s playing here! -Excited squeals-

Wanted to dig out their Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous album for a listen (that’s what I do, get wind about artist, get excited, dig out artist’s previous albums, get even more excited), but ahhhhh the CD is missing from it’s jewel casing. The booklet’s there, the CD isn’t.

I think I lent it to someone. During Form 4.

Now if you’re having it and you’re reading this, appreciate if you could return it.

Anggit promised she’d go with me, but then we realized it was just before our Biology common test. I could whine about how school work makes life a lot less interesting, but I’ve already done that countless times before.

Eat Me, Drink Me will be released in May.

One more thing to look forward to during the mid year holidays!

(I know how disorganized this post is, but I am too excited about too many things to be organized.)

(No, newly released albums alone don’t get me this excited.)

(Cameras get me excited. I’m still having debates with myself. The part that makes it pointless though, is that it’s not like I ever feel good enough to show people my stuff. And boy do I have a lot of Stuff.)

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