Announcing… a three week hiatus from Peeled Garlic!

SAM Bio-Med students are so buried in assignments, exams, and all sorts of things that we practically have no time for anything else right now.

Or maybe it’s just myself, because I have bad time management skills.

This week, Chemistry practical test, Investigative Study Report draft due, English Issue Analysis.

Next week, Biology Human Awareness Essay draft due, Chemistry common test 2, Maths Directed Investigation.

Week after next, Biology common test 2, Maths common test 2, Physics common test 2, Chemistry info search sources due.

It’s one of those times when you wonder if you’ll survive the month.

(If you realize, the Good Charlotte concert is the weekend before common tests week. See what I mean when I say, School Work is out to ruin your fun?)

* * * * *

You know how superficial girls sound when they’re not-overweight yet they say they’re on a diet and they eat ultra-healthy yet ultra-bland food?

Well, I’m on a diet, and I’m eating ultra-healthy yet ultra-bland food during meals.

My mom has been warning me about my food intake ( I’ve been eating A LOT). And she says that you only realize you’re fat when you’re REALLY fat and by then it’s going to take a LOT more effort to de-fat yourself.

And when I say a lot, I mean that while my classmates tell the ‘chap fun’ auntie to reduce the rice, I tell her to add rice. Then I go and start piling up my plate, and by the time I’m done, there’d be people telling me I eat too much for a girl.

A lot also means that I’ve been having dinner twice a night.

And also that I could have the same amount of food as everyone else, but while everyone else is already full, I go ahead and continue stuffing myself with food.

Worst though, is that I’ve been having nasi lemak and char koay teow and deep fried everything for lunch real often lately.


I brought a bottle of milk, an apple and health bars to college today.

After all that teasing of “being like little kid lidat”, one classmate said I’d be hungry before the next hour is up, because I used to eat so much more during lunch.

Frankly, I actually feel better.

Nothing makes you more sleepy during an afternoon lecture than a huge plate of nasi lemak and chicken.

* * * * *

Hiatus starts… now!

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