In anticipation of – Good Charlotte!

This is only one step short of being completely crazy.

Because the Good Charlotte concert is an invite-only event, a lot of people are trying so hard to get their hands on the invites. Which DiGi and radio stations are giving out for free.

People who managed to get them (for free, of course) are selling them at an exorbitant price. One person even went as far as selling 3 tickets for RM400. Which some people are completely willing to pay for.

A couple of classmates and I went to Times Square today, and guess what, got our hands on free tickets.

It’s crazy. To think, we could sell them for a hundred bucks each.

It’s a bit like exploitation, I think. They’re not fans at all, but they go ahead and get the tickets anyway, so they could sell them off and get some quick cash.

Anyway. It was a pretty good evening for me.

My friend was driving us home from KL at night, so it had that kind of atmosphere in the car, and they started talking about God and Christianity. Not the hypocritical type of talk, not the kind of talk where they tell you what they believe in, then try to impose their values on you, like so many people have done before.

It was the kind that makes you think. It was the kind that comforts you. It was the kind that changes you, in a not-so-big way, but it changes you nonetheless.

I got home at 9 something, and ended up leaving my cellphone in her car.

So much for quarantining myself at home in preparation of the common tests next week.

Good Charlotte, here we come!

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